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Sledding with huskies

Dogs dashing through the snow

In the most northern regions of our planet, man and dog have been braving the snow together for more than 4,000 years. For one species of dog in particular, the husky, this Arctic adventure is great fun. We have selected three destinations where you can travel for days through the white wilderness, accompanied by tail-wagging powerhouses. Faster than skis, more silent than a snowmobile but most of all, really adventurous.

Sled? Dogs? Go!
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Scandinavia is at its most beautiful just above the Arctic Circle and especially when the northern lights create a fluttering glowing green veil. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict where and for how long one can observe this unique natural phenomenon. But do not despair: this eight-day camping expedition with sled dogs that departs from Tromsø in Norway will give you plenty of time to admire the stars.


Light in the darkness

Frozen mountain lakes, dashing reindeer and snow-covered pine trees as far as the eye can see: no wonder Santa Claus placed his mailbox in the snowy landscape of Lapland.

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Minnesota, USA

Luxury lodges and fine photographs

The Minnesota winter brings heaps of perfect powder snow. Yet that snow is no match for six to eight huskies: they effortlessly pull two people on a five-day trek through the forests near Ely.

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Mush! Gee! Haw! Three simple commands are all it takes to make these faithful companions go straight, or turn right or left. However, riders may want to help out on the uphill parts. During the day, riders enjoy photography classes along the way to learn how to capture this unforgettable adventure, while at night the crackling fire in the lodge does wonders for tired feet.

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From yurt to yurt

Mongolia is not the most obvious country for a dog sled ride. But as soon as the Khentii province – the birthplace of conqueror and ruler Genghis Khan – is covered in snow, you will find huskies dashing across the endless plains.

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On this eight-day sled tour through pristine Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, riders will not spot reindeer along the trails but instead camels in their thick winter coats. Here you will spend the night in a traditional yurt. To soak up some more of the local culture, these tours are combined with the celebration of Mongolian holidays and festivals.

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