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Enter to win a VR Experience package

Enter to win a VR Experience package

Have you ever travelled with adventure chef Kiran Jethwa? Take the quiz for a chance to win a special VR Experience package.

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In Round the World with Kiran Jethwa, Kiran will take you to northern Thailand where he discovers how the rarest coffee in the world is made. Through an impressive 360-experience, it will feel as if you are right there. Look around and discover how Black Ivory Coffee is produced with help from Thailand's national symbol... the Asian elephant.

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To give you the ultimate VR experience, KLM has put together a special VR experience package for this episode of Round the World. Answer the questions below for a chance to win one of five packages!

Contents of the VR Experience package:

  • 1x Oculus Go 32GB VR glasses
  • 1x JBL T450 headphones
  • 1x Black Ivory Coffee
  • 2x Black Ivory glass coffee mugs
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Make sure to watch the first episode so you can answer the questions!


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