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Brooklyn Hipster Heaven

Thirty–somethings with eccentric hairstyles, piercings and an Instagram addiction pack the L-train from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Their destination? Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s hipster district.

Take me to Williamsburg!

Around 15 years ago, Williamsburg was nothing more than a rundown borough littered with vacant factory buildings. Now this industrial setting has become the decor for tattooed bloggers, students who can barely scrape together the astronomical rent and thirty–somethings who are postponing a quiet life in the suburbs. Organic vegan lunch cafés, pop-up stores on every corner and facades covered in edgy street art: Williamsburg is hipster heaven.

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A comfy coffee break

In a city where cafés are a dime a dozen, it’s not easy to stand out. But Devoción has found the perfect way to make its mark. The business is decorated like a giant living room. Daylight pours in through the huge skylight in the ceiling, illuminating the brick walls decorated with black and white photos and a ‘living wall’ covered in plants. And of course there is coffee; many say the best in Brooklyn. The beans are harvested in Colombia according to the ‘farm to fresh’ principle, and roasted in their own roasting house, ensuring the freshest flavour. Once you have settled into a comfortable Chesterfield, it may be hard to tear yourself away from this place.

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A&G Merch

Urban furniture for hipster lofts

A&G Many old factories in Williamsburg have been transformed into trendy lofts and other industrial premises. And these require equally trendy furniture. A&G Merch is the place for hipper than hip furniture, industrial accessories and whimsical eye-catchers. Of course these look just as cool outside of Williamsburg.

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Waterside flea food market

Foodies beware! Every weekend from April to November, the East River State Park hosts the Smorgasburg: described by the New York Times as the ‘Woodstock of eating’. With over a hundred stands selling food, nobody goes hungry. Added bonus: grab your freshly bought birthday-cake-ice-cream-sandwich (no kidding!) or truffle chips and sit down along the water for a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline.

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The iconic Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg lies at the foot of the homonymous Williamsburg Bridge. At the time of its inauguration in 1903, this enormous steel structure was the largest suspension bridge in the world, connecting the two previously separate cities New York and Brooklyn. Underneath the bridge you get a great view of the hotspots on the other side. Or rent a bike and cycle to Manhattan to enjoy the view of another landmark: the nearby Brooklyn Bridge.

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An unusual but delicious combo

Pizza, whisky and Argentinian empanadas: it sounds like an odd combination. And it sure is, but Shelter knows a thing or two about delicious food. Sit back on a rustic leather sofa below the antlers and stuffed goats to sample empanadas with fillings from around the world. Or grab a pizza from one of the two authentic wood-fired ovens. Wash down your dinner with a choice of whisky from the enormous whisky menu. Outside, pause for an Instagram moment and take a picture of the rusty corrugated iron facade adorned with the Stars and Stripes, very Williamsburg. #nofilter

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Artists & Fleas

Hotspot for trend spotters

Artists & Fleas is a covered market where artists, designers and other creative types display their wares. From jewellery and purses to vintage prints and organic toiletries: this market offers an endless selection of goods.

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The founders envisioned a creative meeting place where talented entrepreneurs could gather to sell their products. The selection of vendors and events vary weekly so a repeat visit to Artist & Fleas is never the same.

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Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Brooklyn’s ice cream institution

Fluffernutter Crunch, Sicilian Pistachio or perhaps a scoop of Vegan Matcha Green Tea? The bright yellow ice cream truck of Van Leeuwen serves a selection of homemade and rather unusual ice cream. This Brooklyn institution began in 2007 with just one ice cream truck, but has quickly become a household name in the Big Apple. A popular choice is the vegan ice cream, made with homemade cashew nut milk. For more experimental flavours visit the Van Leeuwen flagship store, near the truck, on Wythe Avenue.


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