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The journey of your suitcase

After you check in, go through customs and browse the duty free shops before walking to your gate, your suitcase completes a journey of its own. We take you behind the scenes at the KLM Operations Department.

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Facts & Figures

KLM has made its baggage department a top priority. After all, it is our mission to drop off every passenger (and their baggage) safely and on time at their destination. 

At our hub Amsterdam Airport Schiphol we have installed convenient automated self-service drop off points. But even after check-in, we are working hard to ensure that your suitcase boards your flight without any hitches. Adriaan den Heijer is Senior Vice President of Operations and explains what happens behind the scenes.

•  1,100 people work at the KLM Baggage Department

•  KLM handles around 85,000 pieces of baggage a day

•  The longest route for a suitcase at Schiphol airport is 2.5 km

•  The baggage area contains 25 km of conveyor belt transport systems

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Even your surfboard is welcome

Skis, musical instruments, scuba gear and even surfboards: we know that sometimes a suitcase is not enough. That’s why KLM makes it easy for you to check in your special baggage. Just log into your personal page at or call our Customer Service Centre.

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    Useful info in the KLM app

    Want to know after landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol which luggage belt you can pick your suitcase up at? Use the KLM app and after touchdown you will automatically receive a message with the number of your luggage belt. Great for those who are in a hurry!


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