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Behind the scenes

From engine maintenance to the daily air traffic jigsaw puzzle in the control room: before you board your flight, people have been working hard to ensure that you get to your destination quickly, comfortably and safely.

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Your safety comes first

Every day hundreds of KLM flights take off around the world. But before one of our aircraft takes to the sky we carry out numerous checks, training sessions and maintenance shifts. We will take you behind the scenes of our Engineering & Maintenance Centre and Operations Control Centre in Amsterdam to show you what happens in a real Flight Simulator.

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Engineering & Maintenance

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Operations Control Centre

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Did you know…

  • That the Operation Control Centre (OCC) is staffed by 550 people who work in shifts around the clock?
  • That the KLM Engineering & Maintenance Centre was founded in 1921?
  • That the AIR FRANCE KLM Logistics Centre boasts an inventory of 600,000 parts?
  • That every KLM pilot is tested 5 times a year in a simulator?


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