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The futuristic Gardens by the Bay, traditional Chinese temples and white sand beaches: filmmaker Cedric Paquet loves the diversity of Singapore and has captured it in his dynamic video ‘Singapore’.

“Singapore in particular attracted my attention because of the unique culture and the mix between traditional and futuristic architecture”

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Belgian Cedric Paquet specialises in travel and documentary photography and videography. All of his work revolves around the relationship between people and their surroundings. “I enjoy capturing simple and authentic images that reflect the intimate beauty of my travels”. Cedric has travelled extensively through Asia and was particularly fascinated by Singapore. “Its ethnic diversity produces a tremendously wide range of cultural and culinary experiences in a relatively small area.”

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Travel is important to Cedric. “It gives me the possibility to come into contact with new cultures. Viewing the world through the eyes of locals broadens my own view of the world.”

Want to see more of Cedric’s work? Check out his website or follow him on Vimeo or Instagram.


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