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New England is famous for its fall foliage and leaf peeping during the Indian Summer. Filmmaker Vincent Urban traveled through these colorful landscapes and created an inspiring video.

“Maine is my most favorite place. It feels like little Scandinavia of the US with its rugged coastline and wonderful rock formations”

Vincent Urban was born and raised in Munich, Germany but is now living in New York City. He is a director for work and a traveler at heart and loves to combine these two passions. “I love music and especially the interplay between moving images and music. Sitting in a car or train and listening to music is the easiest translatable version of this for me and therefore love making films about traveling and looking at the world.”

In fall 2013 Vincent goes on a trip to New England, which includes the states of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut. What ended up happening though is the government shutdown during the fight over Obamacare that saw all national parks shutting down: “It was a rather odd experience. Empty parking lots and empty trails. That inspired the little twist with the voice-overs in the film.”

Want to see more of Vincent’s work?

Then check out his account on Vimeo, or Instagram

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