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The 3 best cafés in Sydney

Cafés are a lifestyle in Sydney. The city excels in hip and trendy places to go for the hot drink. But people don’t just come here for the coffee: food is taken just as seriously and the dishes that are served would make a Michelin-starred chef jealous. We asked food blogger Michael Shen from the successful I’m Still Hungry blog to show us the best cafés in Sydney. Just a warning: you’ll be hungry for more after you’re done reading!

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Michael Shen, 24 years old – a business analyst by day and a foodie by night. Actually, Michael is a foodie 24/7. He has great (food) aspirations and his rules of life are simple: always respect the chef, the camera eats first, and life is too short to eat bad food. Michael decided to combine his passion for photography and food in October 2012 and started up his successful food blog, I’m Still Hungry.

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No two coffees 
should be the same

Few who visit Sydney can disagree with the statement that our coffee is on par with the world’s best. But Haven stands above that with a unique proposition – coffee that’s tailored to your taste. Like your brew a bit sweeter, with nutty notes and with a fuller body? Done. Prefer a milkier, smoother complexion? Haven can do it for you. After all, no two coffee drinkers are the same, so it stands to reason that no two coffees should be the same.

Assignment Sydney 4 Haven

Fantastic food

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Get acquainted

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My choice

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Assignment Sydney 8 Cre Asion
Assignment Sydney 10 Cre Asion

The food is also on par with Sydney’s best – few cafes do scrambled eggs better, or a toasted sandwich, for that matter. But you know what they’re really famous for? Their macarons. Splurge on a dozen – you won’t regret it!

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Café Cre Asion

Green tea lattes and 
divine macarons

This is the café for green tea (matcha) lovers to frequent. Nobody does it better than Café Cre Asion. This charming little eatery features a wide variety of matcha sweets, which will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

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    Devon on Danks

    Café food with rarely seen twists

    When it comes to serving up café food with a twist, Devon on Danks is what you need. With dishes such as taro scotch egg, miso grilled salmon, pandan chiffon cake and Thai milk tea soft serve, Devon on Danks is the place for those who want something beyond the usual poached eggs on toast. Bonus: the menu changes each season, so there’s always a good reason for me to come back!

    Assignment Sydney 15 Devon

    It’s all about the food

    Assignment Sydney 13 Devon

    The heart of Waterloo

    Assignment Sydney 14 Devon

    Don’t forget dessert!


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