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The New England coast

Endless beaches, sturdy lighthouses and lovely churches: the coast of New England has graced many a postcard. Picturesque villages alternate with the rugged rocky coastline and every restaurant serves fresh lobster and delicious clam chowder. The following five towns are the perfect destination for a fabulous summer holiday.

Discover New England
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Rockport, Massachusetts

Lobster in a cardboard box

The attractive port town of Rockport is just an hour’s drive from Boston. In addition to its beautiful Front Beach, Rockport also boasts a large number of art galleries displaying different works by local artists. Fresh lobster from the Roy Moore Lobster Company is a popular lunch dish. Your takeaway lobster will be served in a cardboard box along with butter, a fork and a handy wipe to clean up afterwards. Enjoy!

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    Boothbay Harbor, Maine

    Clam bake on the beach

    Dozens of boats, pretty red houses and an elegant white church: Boothbay Harbor in the state of Maine is postcard material. The beautiful bay is perfect for a kayak tour along the various local lighthouses and islands. In summer, this is also a great whale-watching spot. Finish the day with an authentic New England clam bake: a picnic by the sea with fresh fish and seafood cooked on a hot stone covered with seaweed.

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      Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts

      Ice cream among the gingerbread houses

      Cottages, pastel-coloured Victorian houses and wooden ice cream parlours: Oak Bluffs is as pretty as a town can get. This picturesque town is located on the island of Martha's Vineyard, a popular summer destination for Bostonians looking for a weekend getaway. The village is known for its unique gingerbread cottages: colourful and ornately decorated houses that seem straight out of fairytale.

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        Provincetown, Massachusetts

        Cycling to the lighthouse

        Provincetown lies at the very tip of the curved Cape Cod peninsula. Rent a bicycle and ride along the beautiful High Head Road to the Cape Cod Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse on the Cape. Back in Provincetown, stroll the bustling Commercial Street and peruse the many stores for fun souvenirs. Then head to the restaurants along the water to finish the day with a platter of delicious fresh oysters.

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          Newport, Rhode Island

          Mansions and cliffs

          With its larger than life mansions, Newport is known as the playground of the rich and famous. Many of America’s richest families, like the Vanderbilts and the Astors, have their summer homes here. The Cliff Walk is a beautiful way to take a peek at these mansions. On the one side you will see the rugged Newport coast and on the other dozens of mansions. Conclude the day in style with a delicious glass of local wine from the Newport Vineyards.

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