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Podcast on life-changing travel experiences

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Every traveller returns with new experiences. Some are so unique that they inspire others. These are the stories we share in the podcast ‘The Journey’. 

Have you gone on a journey that has turned your life upside down and do you want to share the experience? We would love to hear from you via podcast@klm.com. And, who knows, your story might very well be the next one!

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True stories

This spring KLM will launch the podcast ‘The Journey’: a series of audio documentaries in which travellers share their stories about the trips that changed their lives. Each episode centres around one story. The main character takes the listener back to that pivotal moment where everything changed forever. What occurred at that moment? What did the landscape look like? How did they perceive it?

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The journey as a turning point

The Journey takes listeners around the world. From the hectic streets of New Delhi to the deserted squares of night-time Buenos Aires. From the icy snow-covered plains of Alaska to dusty villages in the middle of Kenya. 

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These are not only the settings of some impressive journeys, but they also mark a turning point. These destinations heralded the beginning of an inner journey and a personal exploration for the interviewees. Listeners to The Journey will meet travellers who, on their trip, experienced a life-changing moment. For example, Linda fell in love with a fur trapper, Dina had a revolutionary idea for a new company, and Todd found his destiny in writing. 

"The Journey takes you around the world"

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How to listen to ‘The Journey’

Starting mid-March 2018, a new episode of The Journey will be released every 2 weeks. Listen to these free podcasts on any major podcast platform, such as Apple Podcasts, Google Play or Spotify. Subscribe today so you won’t miss a single episode! 


Klm Podcast 05 Episoded 1

Linda follows her heart to Alaska. She leaves everything behind and chooses a life in the wilderness.

Klm Podcast 05 Episoded 2

During an intense trip to Kenya, Samba figures out his purpose in life: to conquer the world as a stand-up comedian.

Klm Podcast 05 Episoded 3

When Dina’s fast-paced life of glamour in New York comes to a screeching halt, she looks for a new purpose in life.

Klm Podcast 05 Episoded 4

The image of a woman passing by in Buenos Aires gives Todd a completely new direction in life.

Klm Podcast 05 Episoded 5

When she goes travelling, Vera is able to process the death of her brother, an international fashion model.

Klm Podcast 05 Ep06 En New

More than sixty years later, Rose’s father’s shipwreck was to change the course of her life.


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