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The work of Scottish nature photographer Robert Fulton is unique. His photos have won multiple awards. “The weather isn’t always to my liking, but there’s nothing better than being in a beautiful spot in the magical early morning hours,” says this passionate photographer.

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Autumn Storm

Robert captures most of his photographs in his homeland of Scotland. “I took this picture near Loch Maree in the north of the country. This tree caught my eye on a rainy day.” Fulton had to defy several showers before capturing the perfect image. “The tree is the focal point of the photo, while the dark clouds above create an ominous atmosphere.”

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Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton was born and raised in Scotland. His hobby was growing dahlias and participating in flower shows until his wife gave him a camera 18 years ago. Leaving the dahlias behind, he submerged himself in photography. With success as Robert’s images are of exceptional quality. Today he regularly works for the Scottish Photographic Federation and is specialised in nature photography.

Changing Light

Proper preparation can make the difference between a good photo and a great one. “As a precaution, I always bring my Wellingtons in case I want to get into the water to take a picture like this. After I’d positioned everything, all I had to do was wait and occasionally grab a cup of coffee from the car to keep warm. Eventually the sun broke through just for a minute, shining its light on the trees. This was the moment I captured on film.”

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Ben Venue

Mist often generates an enigmatic atmosphere in landscape photographs, but it does require an early rise. “I generally want to be at a location before sunrise when the light is at its most beautiful and the nature serene. As I drove through Trossachs National Park I saw the low-hanging mist in the valley. I found a spot in the field and waited for the sun to break through.” The title of the photo refers to the mountain in the background, called Ben Venue.


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