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La Paz

La Paz in Bolivia literally and figuratively takes your breath away. Located at an elevation of 3650 metres, La Paz is the highest city in the world. Despite the thin air, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery, ancient traditions and cultural highlights in and around the city. Take a deep breath and explore the beauty of La Paz!

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Floating reed islands

A visit to La Paz isn't complete without a trip to Lake Titicaca. The largest lake in South America lies 3812 metres above sea level. Take a boat and go from island to island.

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At the lake you will see floating reed islands that are home to the Uros Indians. Another unique island is Taquile where the unmarried men wear colourful hats and the women dress in flowery skirts. This makes it easy to identify who is single – very helpful if you are looking for a partner.

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    Adventurous mountain bike rides

    Looking for an adventure? The mountain bike ride along North Yungas Road, which connects the capital to the jungle, is a blast. Bundle up and start at 3400 metres for a fast and spectacular descent down the mountain.

    The ride takes you through green valleys and tiny Bolivian villages. After 70 kilometres you arrive in the tropical lowlands of picturesque Coroico. Trade in your gloves and warm sweater for shorts and flip flops.

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    Magical potions at the Witch market

    One of the most intriguing markets in La Paz is the Mercado de Hechicería (the Witch market). Here you can buy all kinds of herbs, potions and other magical concoctions to improve your luck, promote your health or spice up your love life.

    Curious to know what the future holds? Keep an eye out on the street for a Yatiri (a shaman). You can often spot them on the corner, wearing dark hats and carrying bags of coca leaves used to make predictions. Make sure you're ready to hear the answer to your question because they don't mince their words.

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    La Paz 05 Plaza Murillo Wide
    La Paz 05 Plaza Murillo Wide

    Central highlights

    The Plaza Murillo is the perfect location to take in the cultural highlights of La Paz. In the middle of this central square stands a statue of Pedro Domingo Murillo, a Bolivian freedom fighter from the La Paz revolution in 1809.

    Several important buildings frame the Plaza Murillo: the neoclassic cathedral, the presidential Palacio de Gobierno and the Palacio Legislativo, the legislature. The square also features nice benches and food stalls. This is the perfect spot to enjoy an al fresco lunch in the sunshine and take in the gorgeous surroundings.

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    High level football

    Like all South American capitals, La Paz offers top-notch football. The city is home to some of the biggest teams in Bolivia, including The Strongest and Club Bolivar. If your visit coincides with a football match, don't miss the opportunity to snag a ticket to a game.

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    It's quite the experience to see thousands of excited football fans dancing and singing in the stands, despite the low oxygen level. The altitude poses quite the challenge to the foreign teams. One of the most memorable games was the 2009 Bolivia-Argentina game when Bolivia defeated the football giant Argentina with a score of 6-1.


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