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Three days in Cape Town

Enjoy the good life

Cape Town is synonymous with wine and good food, penguins and beaches. Located on a dramatic coastline, it is surrounded by one of the most characteristic landscapes in the world. This three-day trip will take you to famous icons such as Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope.

A taste of Cape Town
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Day 1

Food for the senses

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Fresh start

A walk on the beach is a perfect way to start the day. You can do this both on the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean coasts. Feel the sand between your toes on the Bloubergstrand beach, immortalised on countless postcards. The backdrop is formed by the ocean with, behind it, the silhouette of Cape Town and Table Mountain. Don’t miss the nearby village of Boulder, where Black-footed Penguins walk around the beach and even through the streets. Some of these funny animals actually live in homes and cars here.

Let yourself be swept away

After a long walk on the beach, step into a sidecar in Cape Town. Your driver will take you along one of the most beautiful routes in Africa: From Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope in the south. This seventy-kilometre ride travels alongside boulevards, beaches, forests and rocks. Go shopping in Hout Bay, count the 114 curves to the vantage point on Chapman's Peak and stretch your legs at the lighthouse on Cape Point, where wild ostriches can often be seen.

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Do your shopping together with a chef at the huge spice emporium Atlas Trading Company. Then get started making curry dumplings leaf masala or roti.

Spoil your taste buds

The South African cuisine mixes African and European influences – the most original, however, are the local Cape Malay dishes. Immigrants from Java and Malaysia used local ingredients to make their traditional dishes after arriving here, giving rise to a new type of cuisine. You can learn more about it by following a cooking workshop in the colourful Bo-Kaap district.

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Day 2

Feel the adrenaline

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Eye to eye with a great white shark

Ever looked deep into the eyes of a four-metre great white shark? You can do so (should you wish!) at Dyer Island near Gansbaai, where tens of thousands of Cape fur seals and, therefore, sharks can be found. The fur seals are a kind of fast food to the sharks. This is one of the best known areas for shark cage diving. You are lowered into the water inside an enclosed steel cage to look a great white shark in the eyes.

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Lunch with whales

After a morning full of adrenaline, it’s time to chill out. On the way back to Cape Town, you pass through Hermanus and Gordon’s Bay where you either picnic by the side of the road or eat at a restaurant with a magnificent ocean view.

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With luck, you will spot whales. Dozens of whale mothers come here every year with their newborns to rest, sometimes just 25 metres from the coast. The season begins in May and culminates in October and November. Actually you might encounter these majestic animals along the way between Gansbaai and Cape Town.

Party on the beach

The sundowner is a tradition in South Africa: as soon as the sun sets, it's time to pop a bottle of nice South African wine or cider. Later in the evening, locals and visitors flock to the beachside bars around Cape Town.

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At Clifton and Camps Bay in particular you can get in the grove to the music, including at the plush St. Yves. There are several beach clubs in Waterfront, a popular entertainment district of Cape Town, including The Grand and Shimmy Beach Club.

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Day 3

Active trek

Abseiling from Table Mountain

Start the day by scaling the thousand-metre Table Mountain. This can be done in several ways, including on foot or by cable car. True daredevils can rappel down. No experience needed, just a healthy dose of courage. You will be rewarded with a unique view of Cape Town and the ocean.

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Cycling between the vineyards

The ideal location for a wine tour is the village of Stellenbosch and its surroundings, some fifty kilometres from Cape Town. You can hire a bike here to cycle from winery to wine shop. Stop for lunch in one of the many restaurants or cafés along the way, where wine is naturally the main event.

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Stellenbosch itself is also worth a visit: Many houses were built here in the Cape Dutch style during the second half of the seventeenth century. Take a bike with a basket, so you can bring a few bottles of wine with you.

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Experience the real Cape jazz

Anyone walking through Cape Town is sure to hear jazz at some point. Chances are it will be Cape jazz, a special musical style which grew up in this area in the nineteenth century, when people started making music in the street. Before that time, only portable instruments were used – such as percussion, guitars and banjos.

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Today, there is live music in many cafes. Real jazz lovers should be sure to check out the annual Cape Town Jazz Fest.


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