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The Journey

Have you listened to 'The Journey’ yet? In this podcast travellers talk about the trip that changed their life forever. Join us on our travels to the desolate plains of Greenland or discover the outback of Australia where indigenous tribes rule.

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Travel with your eyes closed

With ‘The Journey’ all you have to do is close your eyes to embark on a journey. In this KLM podcast you will hear true-life travel stories told by the people who experienced them. People whose lives were forever changed by one trip. These podcasts take our listeners on an incredible journey.

After last year’s initial series of episodes, we are now launching these new stories. Meet Etana Jacobson who decided to live with an aboriginal tribe in Australia. Or discover how Tony Wheeler serendipitously created the iconic Lonely Planet travel guide series.

The Journey is available for free via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and all other usual channels. Don’t want to miss a single episode? Subscribe for free on our channel.

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Podcast New Season 02 Episodes Title

Listen to the latest episodes

Listen below to the latest episodes of ‘The Journey’. Host Jonathan Groubert meets unique people around the world who tell their story of a life-changing trip. The podcasts are in English. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes and can be listened to in any order.

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Podcast New Season 04 Ep01

Ever since marine biologist Shannon Leone Fowler was a kid, she loved the ocean. Whenever she can, she’s on the beach in California. While travelling, she meets the love of her life, Sean. They settle down on an idyllic island in Thailand. There her dream turns into a nightmare. Everything that matters to her is taken away in a few seconds - by the sea.

Podcast New Season 04 Ep2

Etana Jacobson has an innate curiosity about far-off, native cultures. Her ultimate dream is to live with a tribe in one of the most remote areas of Australia. Outsiders are usually not accepted, but Etana is the exception. She is even given a special status - until she makes a huge mistake.

Podcast New Season 04 Ep3

Emma Slade is an analyst at a major bank working at the top international level. She is responsible for major investments and has everything perfectly under control. But then, during a business trip, she’s kidnapped. Emma’s life is flipped completely upside down, but this turns out to be the start of an incredible journey that ends far from the fast-paced financial world.

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The Forkan family trades in their home and all that is familiar for a nomadic existence. Together with his three brothers and sisters, Paul has the time of his life. But when tragedy hits and threatens to tear the family apart, they become closer than ever. Together with his brother, Paul comes up with a brand that can both conquer and help the world.


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