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Running a marathon features on many people's bucket list. But why run at home when you can explore exotic landscapes instead? Ready for the gun? Here are four of the most scenic marathons in the world.

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Gold Coast Marathon, Australia

Personal best on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast of Queensland wears its name well as one of Australia most beautiful areas. Since 1979, the country’s most important marathon has taken place along this amazing shoreline. Thirty thousand participants embark on a gruelling journey with views of urban skylines, golden beaches and the azure Coral Sea. At the same time, runners benefit from a flat course and Australian winter conditions. Temperatures hover between 10 and 20 degrees Celcius, there is little wind and the humidity is low: the perfect conditions for a personal best.

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Sundown Marathon Singapore

Balmy marathon after sunset

If a regular marathon is too easy, sign up for the Sundown Marathon in Singapore. To beat the tropical heat in this Asian mini-statethe race takes place after sunset. The twinkling lights of the skyscrapers, the sound of the footsteps of ten thousand participants and the tropical scents of the warm night make this a race to remember. 

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Reykjavik Marathon, Iceland

Running in the Arctic Circle

The Icelandic air is pure and clear. This is a nice bonus for the fourteen thousand runners in the Reykjavik marathon, who can certainly use the fresh oxygen. In the capital city, located just below the Arctic Circle, the course meanders through streets lined with colourful wooden houses. past the banks of Lake Tjörnin and along a cascading waterfall. Then it continues over a river full of wild salmon and along the rocky coast and a black lava beach. As Icelandic custom dictates, the sporty day is followed by a party well into the night.

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Great Wall Marathon, China

Walking the steps of the Great Wall

Sightseeing and achievement are the essence of the marathon over the Great Wall of China. Since 1999, this has been one of the world’s toughest foot races, with a trail not unlike a roller coaster: dramatic gradient shifts, coiling twists and no less than 5,164 steps. This is why the 2,500 participants tend to take half as long again as the average marathon runner. But then, they are running on one of the greatest wonders of the world, past verdant rice fields, diminutive villages, forested mountains and magnificent temples.

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