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Focus on innovation

Fly into the future with KLM

KLM is always working hard to improve your travel experience. And we love to stay ahead of the game. From a friendly robot that helps you with your reservations to our handy Emoji Service that provides information at your destination, travelling has never been easier. 

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The smartest way to book your flight

Booking a flight is now even easier! BB, our BlueBot, is not just any Messenger bot: she uses Artificial Intelligence. BB has her own personality: she is friendly, attentive, and even a bit cheeky every now and then. Tell her where you want to go and she will take care of the rest. In the future, BB will be able to assist you with a growing number of requests and tasks.

When do you book your tickets to get the best price? To help you, we're introducing KLM Price Alerts. Go to KLM on Messenger, set your price limit for your destination of choice and you will be notified when the best price becomes available. 

The KLM app

Important flight information, your boarding pass and the ability to select your own seat: with the KLM app you have all your travel needs at your fingertips. The app works on any portable device: smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches! 

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Prepare for travel

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Prepare for travel

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Flight information on WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter and WeChat

Booking confirmations, check-in details, boarding passes and updates regarding your flight status: we offer service 24/7 via all our media channels. Information is available in 10 languages, and in English and Chinese on WeChat, the number one platform in China. 

The KLM Media App

Don't feel like bringing a bulky newspaper on board your flight? Download our KLM Media App 24 hours before departure and enjoy a large selection of newspapers and magazines on all our European and intercontinental flights. Download your favourite media for offline use so you never find yourself without reading material during your flight. 

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At the airport

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At the airport

Spencer, the KLM robot

Meet Spencer, the friendly KLM robot that is ready to help you navigate the airport and improve your overall travel experience.

Spencer will scan your boarding pass and accompany you to your gate: just follow him! Don't worry, he will adjust his pace to keep up with you. His screen displays how long it will take to reach your gate. Spencer is currently a pilot project, but hopefully in the near future you will encounter the permanent version of this friendly robot.

Curious? Watch the video​

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KLM X is a test environment where we try out innovative prototypes and come up with clever ways to enhance the travel experience for our passengers and improve our airport procedures. Right now we are testing ways to increase our efficiency by loading luggage after boarding, or by implementing flexible lines at the gate. We are also looking into alternative boarding procedures to prevent traffic jams in the aisles.

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On board

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On board

Draft beer on board

KLM is continuously working to innovate its products to enhance passenger comfort. One example is our bar trolley with a Heineken beer tap, which KLM and Heineken have been working together to design.

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The so-called 'BrewLock' keg works on air pressure instead of CO2. This is important because the air pressure on board differs from the pressure on the ground. This mechanism sets the correct air pressure for the 'BrewLock' keg, compensating for the under-pressure on board, and creates the right environment to serve a draft beer. The Heineken beer tap is only available on select flights in World Business Class and on flights to Curaçao.

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At your destination

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At your destination

Find your way with emojis

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Why complicate things? KLM is working hard to improve your travel experience and that includes when you arrive at your destination. Communicate with us on Facebook Messenger using emojis. 

Are you looking for an ATM machine? Send us your location and the ATM emoji and we'll direct you to the nearest bank machine. In the mood for pizza? Send KLM a pizza emoji and we will show you the nearest local pizza place. 


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