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Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

Ancient and ultra modern

Ultra modern Tel Aviv and ancient Jerusalem are as different as night and day. We will take you to the highlights of the two largest cities in Israel.

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Interested in combining Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in one city trip? It's easy! The two cities are only a short distance apart. In fact, you can travel from one city to the other in less than an hour. So perfect for combining history and culture with sun, sea and beach.

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Tel Aviv

The Capital of Cool in the Middle East

In the Hebrew language Tel Aviv means "hill of spring". The city is in full urban renewal mode. In the daytime visit the beach and at night dive into to the city's vibrant nightlife scene. But there is also history.

King George Street

The city's culinary heart

King George Street is the urban heart of Tel Aviv. Young Tel Aviv residents flock here to sip coffee or shop in the trendy boutiques of Dizengoff Centre. King George Street is also a gourmet destination where you can eat almost any time of day. Start the day with an Israeli breakfast in one of the countless of breakfast cafés or end the night in one of the many trendy cocktail bars. Sample the delectable vegan pies at Seeds or nip a no-nonsense cocktail at Denim.

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A city trip and beach holiday all in one

The west side of Tel Aviv is flanked by a thirteen kilometre long stretch of beach. It hardly matters where you settle on the sand: all beaches are beautiful.

Located close to downtown, popular Gordon Beach is a lively destination year-round. In the southwest you will find Banana Beach with a more laidback vibe and less busy. There is also a surf school here, and on Friday night people gather to take in the large communal drum sessions where the most eccentric drummers of Tel Aviv strut their stuff and dance to live beats.

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Jaffa flea market

Hunting for vintage

Jaffa, or Yafo in Hebrew, means ‘beautiful’. A fitting description for this part of Tel Aviv. In the maze of narrow streets modern Tel Aviv's buzz seems far away. A large number of these streets form the Shuk Ha Pishpishim, or the flea market. You can easily spend hours browsing the vintage gems in the area that stretches between Yefet Street and Jerusalem Boulevard. Vendors display a large variety of wares, ranging from antique furniture to vintage clothing. And the fun sidewalk cafés are perfect for grabbing a coffee or indulging in a leisurely lunch.

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One of the holiest cities in the world: Jerusalem. The birthplace of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Every stone in this city tells a story.

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The old city

A journey across the continents

Jerusalem's old city is divided into four different quarters: Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Armenian. Each area has preserved its own unique charm and character. A stroll through the old city is like a journey across several continents. The highlight is the splendid Dome of The Rock on the Temple Mount. This is the cradle of the Muslim and Jewish faith.

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The captivating golden dome of this legendary structure is endowed with special meaning. Christians believe that this is where Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son. For Muslims this location represents the place where Mohammed ascended to heaven.

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Mahane Yehuda Market

Colours and fragrances

The Mahane Yehuda market, locally known as the Shuk, is the gathering place for Jerusalem residents. The market stalls sag under the weight of olives as large as your thumb, bins stacked with herbs and mounds of fresh fruit. More than 250 vendors ply their goods here. The market lies in the middle of a neighbourhood packed with shops, restaurants and bars.

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Keep in mind that the market is closed on Saturday for Shabbat.

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Keep in mind that the market is closed on Saturday for Shabbat.

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The Tower of David

Spectacular light show

The Tower of David is an old citadel inside the center of Jerusalem. After the sunset, history comes magically alive. In the evening, a spectacular light show projected on the ancient walls taking visitors several centuries back in time. This is not only a stunning visual attraction but also a wonderful way to learn more about the origins of this unique but also very complicated city.

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