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Travelling is more popular than ever. And we totally understand why. But this trend also has a downside, namely crowds. Luckily, the world is big! In 2020, dare to stray off the beaten path and enjoy peace and quiet, plenty of space and wonderful views... all to yourself.

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1. Central Asia

Travel the Silk Road

The illustrious Silk Route winding through Central Asia takes you from China through such countries as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In other words, it’s not your usual itinerary and perfect for getting away from the crowds. Along the way, you experience a wide variety of landscapes, from dynamic Chinese cities and vast deserts to rugged mountains and shimmering lakes in Kyrgyzstan. This is the side of Asia that few have seen. You can travel the Silk Road in several directions, but the most popular route starts in Beijing and ends in Tasjkent, Uzbekistan.

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    2. Haarlem

    The charm of Haarlem

    Forget the throngs of people who make their way to Amsterdam... Haarlem is the place to be. The compact city centre is a maze of charming little streets, medieval canals and a wide variety of shops that are unique to Haarlem. The delightful Jopenkerk is home to the Jopen Brewery, where you can enjoy a locally brewed beer. And did you know that you can easily visit the beach at Zandvoort or Bloemendaal from the city?

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    3. Tohoku region, Japan

    Dramatic landscapes

    The Tohoku region can be reached from dynamic Tokyo in only 90 minutes by bullet train. It is made up of no fewer than six prefectures full of dramatic landscapes, culinary delights and historic attractions. From steaming onsens to mysterious woods and from reflecting lakes to breath-taking temples, Tohoku has everything that makes Japan Japan - only without the crowds.

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      4. Texas, United States

      Cowboy vibes and romance

      A round trip of the United States usually includes California and the west coast and parks like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. But for a genuine all-American cowboy experience, you should make your way to Texas, the second largest state after Alaska and big enough to spend weeks on end exploring. With its deserted cowboy towns, spectacular rodeos, the best live music in the music city of Austin and romantic walks through charming San Antonio, Texas shows you a whole different side of America.

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        5. Genoa, Italy

        Enviously authentic

        With its medieval streets, stately palaces, lifts that take you from the city centre to the hills and the Mediterranean Sea a stone’s throw away, Genoa is truly unique but often passed over. And that means no busloads of people, but delightfully authentic streets where urban Italian living plays out right in front of you.

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        Genoa has the oldest medieval city centre in Europe (well, after Venice, of course), with a labyrinth of streets sometimes only a metre wide. It is a maze to explore, discover, get lost and be surprised in. Photogenic and dark, unexpected and occasionally grubby, colourful and elegant, Genoa is a city with character. It also happens to be the perfect base for Cinque Terre, though you’ll be far from alone there.

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