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The relaxing vibe of Goa

Goa is famous for its stunning beaches and nightlife. But there is lots more to see and do in this Indian state. We give you six good reasons why Goa should absolutely be on your Bucket List.

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Goa is a world of difference from the rest of India and the perfect place to unwind and escape from the chaotic cities of this country. For centuries, the state was in the hands of the Portuguese, which is why it features a hodgepodge of Indian culture and Portuguese influences. With more than a hundred kilometres of beaches, it is the relaxation paradise of India. But did you know it is also home to waterfalls, rivers and flea markets?

With more than a hundred kilometres of beaches, it is the relaxation paradise of India.

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    Biking the byways

    Waving rice fields, palm groves and meandering paths: there is no better way to explore the interior of Goa than by bike or scooter. Local life pulls you as you drive from village to village.

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    Shopping at the Anjuna market

    A market on the beach: where else but in Goa? Since 1970, a flea market has been held in Anjuna every Wednesday with an interesting mix of hippies, backpackers and traders from throughout India. Like everywhere in Goa, the atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed.

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    Yoga on the beach

    India and yoga go hand in hand, so it is not surprising that there are dozens of yoga retreats in such an idyllic place as Goa. What better place to do the sun salutation than on the beach?

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    Wild waterfalls

    Goa boasts a number of fantastic waterfalls, but the most impressive one is Dudhsagar Falls in the Mollem National Park. The raging current makes the water white, which is why this waterfall is also called ‘the sea of milk’.

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    The backwaters of Agonda

    Goa is blessed with no fewer than nine rivers and 42 tributaries, resulting in beautiful backwaters in the hinterland that can be explored by boat or canoe. Chirping birds, swaying palms and silence make these an oasis of tranquillity.

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    Panaji is the vibrant capital of Goa. Portuguese influences can be seen everywhere in the streets full of cobblestones and old colonial buildings. The Fontainhas district is particularly worth a visit to stroll among its bars, boutiques and bookshops.


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