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Sean Pavone
Sean Pavone

Hidden Treasures

The beauty of Boston

Victorian houses, old street lamps and a Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner: the Boston streetscape is ‘one of a kind’ in the US. While the city oozes history, it also has a youthful vibe thanks to thousands of students attending prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT. It is a real treat to be asked to find its best spots!

Discover Boston

Gryphon House

Victorian charm in Back Bay

My ‘home’ in Boston is the magnificent Gryphon House in the Back Bay neighbourhood. This B&B is housed in a typical ‘Boston brownstone’ on one of the city’s most beautiful streets. At night in particular, when the street is beautifully illuminated, it is a real joy to come home.

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Inside you will find a haven of peace. The Victorian theme is included in the smallest details and piano music sounds through the lobby. I am staying in the Victoria Suite, which comes with golden mirrors, velvet pillows and a comfy sofa. The location is perfect: the subway and fashionable shops on Newbury Street are only a stone’s throw away.

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Fenway Park

Cheering on the Boston Red Sox

The mythical, legendary and impressive Fenway Park baseball temple, home of the Boston Red Sox, is located in the middle of the city, and I am lucky to catch the team play at home! I enjoy an authentic Fenway Frank hot dog as I mingle with the crowds of excited fans. Unfortunately, the Red Sox lose to the Tampa Bay Rays, but that doesn’t dampen the mood.

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A golden tip for those who are unable to snag a ticket: you can follow the game through a large glass wall at the Bleacher Bar at the back of the stadium. Just grab a seat on a bar stool and order a pint of Sam Adams.

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Iris van den Broek is a photographer and travel writer. She has been working with iFly KLM Magazine since 2011 and has a great talent for telling stories through text and image. The world always looks beautiful through her lens – and that is how she describes it.

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The North End

Boston’s Little Italy

The Italian neighbourhood the North End contrasts with the elegant charm of the avenues and stately buildings that grace many parts of Boston. This is one of the oldest residential communities. Many of the locals are of authentic Italian descent and the selection of ‘ristorantes’ and Italian espresso bars is huge.

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Although vibrant during the day, the North End really comes alive at night. People recommend that I try Regina Pizzeria, a Boston institution since 1926. There is often a queue at the door and now I totally understand why … a New Yorker would be jealous of these pizzas!

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Union Square Donuts

The best donuts in Boston

The Charles River separates Boston from Cambridge, home to the famous Harvard University. At Harvard Square, I sign up with a student for a tour of the beautiful campus. It must be amazing to study here!

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Whilst I am here, I decide to pay a visit to Union Square Donuts. Although the world-famous brand Dunkin’ Donuts was born in Boston, the Union Square Donuts are considered to be the best in town. Owner Josh Danoff creates unusual flavour combinations, such as maple-bacon and chocolate pretzel: “We make every donut completely from scratch.” I try the classic Boston Cream, filled with vanilla cream and chocolate. Need I say more?

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Boston Harbour Islands

City on the water

Boston and the water are inextricably connected. Behind my B&B is the Charles River, the flowing heart of Boston and the perfect place for a wonderful morning walk along the River Esplanade.

In the afternoon, I board a ferry to the Boston Harbor Islands, an archipelago consisting of 34 islands off the coast of Boston, eight of which are accessible to the public by ferry. With miles of hiking trails and a couple of idyllic beaches, this is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, just the beautiful view of the skyline alone makes a visit to these islands worthwhile. What a city!

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