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20 mysterious souvenirs

Did we inspire you with our 20 souvenirs for 2020? Our list with 20 mysterious souvenirs, each with a unique story. The top 3 of our most liked souvenirs has been revealed and you now have one more chance to win tickets. Which one is your favourite?

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These are the 3 most popular souvenirs

From the cornicello good luck charms from Napels to colourful Boruca masks from Costa Rica: the top 20 souvenirs for 2020 all tell a unique story. We received a huge number of votes and the top 3 are revealed below. Which one will be the ultimate 2020 souvenir? Vote and you could win two tickets to the winning destination to pick up the souvenir for yourself!

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Top3 02 Tokyo Souvenir

Tokyo, Japan

The Mascot of the 2020 Olympic Games

2020 will be the year of Tokyo! This already dynamic metropolis will be even livelier during the Olympic Games in July and August. The ultimate Tokyo souvenir? Miraitowa! The mascot of the Olympics. He's as fast and energetic as Tokyo itself. The name Miraitowa is a combination of the Japanese words for future (mirai) and eternity (towa), promising a future filled with eternal hope. Who wouldn't want to take that home…

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Top3 03 Petersburg Souvenir

St. Petersburg, Russia

The most famous egg in the world

St.Petersburg is Russia's cultural heart. The city is a mixture of traditional Soviet grandeur and trendy contemporary culture. One of the biggest visitor attractions is the Fabergé Museum. Here you can admire nine famous Fabergé eggs. Nineteenth-century emperor Alexander III commissioned goldsmith Carl Fabergé each year to make a bejewelled Easter egg. Today eight eggs are still missing from this collection. Maybe you will find one!

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Top3 04 Buenos Aires Souvenir

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A drink of friendship

Argentinians like to drink Maté every day. The country's national drink, Maté is packed with caffeine for a great energy boost. Argentinians sip the tea-like beverage from a traditional Maté cup, which you see them carrying around the streets of Buenos Aires. Maté represents friendship and connection. An authentic Maté cup is a beautiful souvenir to take home as a gift to your best friends.

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  • Miraitowa from Tokyo
  • The Fabergé-egg from St. Petersburg
  • The Maté cup from Buenos Aires

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