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New York City

The chaos and bustle of Times Square, the elegant streets of Greenwich Village and the melting pot of cuisines and cultures: filmmaker Josh Monie loves the diversity of New York City. He has captured all of this in his dynamic video, ‘Four days in New York City’.

4 Days in New York
4 Days in New York
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    “You can go from the chaos and noise of Times Square to a peaceful, leafy residential street in a few minutes walking. The diversity of cultures, nationalities and cuisines across an island barely 2 miles wide is staggering”

    British filmmaker Josh Monie made his video ‘Four days in New York City’ out of sheer love for the city. “New York is incredibly photogenic, especially to an outsider. It was my dream to capture the city on film.” A freelance director of photography, Josh shot this video purely for pleasure. He describes 4 Days as being very representative of his film style: “I love a lot of camera movement. I enjoy shooting handheld images as they lend the shots a lively energy.”

    Interested in seeing more of Josh's work?
    Check out his portfolio on Vimeo


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