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The light Down Under

Photographer Nick Rains travels throughout Australia (and beyond) to shoot the most beautiful images. His photos are simple, clean and structured and he uses as few effects as possible. “I try to transmit my personal experience.” To achieve this, he waits for the perfect light – like in this self-portrait he took in Karijini National Park.

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Nature Australie 01 Waterval

Roaring waterfall

By using a telephoto lens to shoot the dinghy in the foreground, Rains shows the colossal size of the King George Falls in Kimberley. The water thunders down the jagged rocks with unbelievable noise. Right next to this waterfall is another one just like it. “The best time to visit is at the beginning of the dry season,” recommends Rains.

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Nick Rains

Nick Rains (52) was born in the United Kingdom but moved to Australia 25 years ago. He feels right at home in Brisbane, where he lives with his wife Janelle, his Labrador Charlie, two cats and some chickens. As a student he began photographing concerts. However, he confesses he mainly did it to get free admission. For the last 31 years he has been capturing the most beautiful landscapes, people and places.

Nature Australie 03 Prairie

The lonely Outback

Somewhere in the middle of the bone dry landscape near Broken Hill stands this typical Outback hut. Built for a film set, the hut is not ‘authentic’ but it has grown into an icon of life in the remote Outback. “I shot this picture in the middle of the day so the harsh light best emphasises the dryness,” explains Rains.

Nature Australie 04 Schimmen

Silhouettes in the sand

Australia is home to huge cattle ranches with countless roaming cows. Eventually these cows must be rounded up and taken to market. This job is done with helicopters and men on horses. Rains shot this photo at sunset. “I love how the light transforms the cows, horses and men into anonymous silhouettes.”


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