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Raw and headstrong

World-class pizza, jaw-dropping art and a mysterious historic centre. Exuberant, raw and headstrong, yet elegant, colourful and sophisticated: Naples is full of contrasts. We take you on a journey to a city bursting with energy, character and unprecedented beauty.

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The headstrong rawness and untamed character of this city take hold of you instantly and keep you coming back for more. Naples is contagious, not to mention its fantastic cuisine, featuring the best pizza you’ll ever eat, cakes to covet and the creamiest buffalo mozzarella imaginable.

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Naples has an energy that is contagious. In any other city, the somewhat dilapidated buildings, extensive graffiti on the walls and less than perfectly clean streets would raise eyebrows. But not in Naples.

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Raw and headstrong Naples
Raw and headstrong Naples
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Centro Storico

The mysterious heart of Naples

Centro Storico is the rugged, unpolished heart of Naples. In this labyrinth of narrow streets, scooters tear past without apology, grandmothers hang their laundry out to dry and trattorias and pasticcerias are everywhere.

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The combination of Italian Renaissance and Baroque architecture and both Greek and Roman influences make for an interesting, although somewhat chaotic, street scene with a surprise around every corner. The main thoroughfare is Via dei Tribunali, but don’t hesitate to explore the side streets where you’ll find Naples at its most authentic.

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Di Matteo

City of pizza

Pizza was invented in Naples and, not surprisingly, there is no better place to enjoy genuine Italian pizza. Although opinions are divided on the best pizza in town, you’ll really can’t go wrong in Naples. If you want guaranteed quality, the place to eat is Di Matteo. This is one of the oldest pizzerias in the city, where the pizzas are baked in a beautiful golden mosaic oven.

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Napolitanos rarely order anything other than a margherita (mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil) or marinara (tomato sauce, oregano, garlic and olive oil) pizza. So, if you want to try genuine Neapolitan pizza, order one of these two classics.

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Light and sunny

The hilly Vomero district rises high above Naples. There are a number of funiculars in the city that take you to the heights, but the metro also stops here. Vomero is light, sunny and has a relaxing atmosphere that contrasts with the busy historic centre of Naples. The Castel Sant’Elmo gives you phenomenal views of the city, sea and Mount Vesuvius.

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