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Iris van den Broek
Iris van den Broek


The City of Sunlight

With more than 2,800 hours of sunshine a year, Fortaleza certainly deserves the title City of Sunlight. And all that sunshine is put to a very good use along the many miles of beaches that line Fortaleza. But there is so much more! Let us take you to this brand-new KLM destination.

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The capital of the state Ceará in north-eastern Brazil, Fortaleza is the country’s second largest beach town after Rio de Janeiro. Located near the equator, the city is blessed with year-round warm weather. Even in winter, temperatures rarely drop below 22 degrees Celsius. In summer, the mercury can easily hit 35 degrees. Note that Fortaleza lies in the southern hemisphere, so summer runs from December through March and winter from June through September.

KLM flight: 3 direct flights a week
Population: 2.6 million

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Jimena Diamint has been working for KLM for five years. Follow Jimena to the beaches of Fortaleza, the lively Avenida Beira Mar and to the Martian landscape of Morro Branco.

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Fortaleza: The City of Sunlight
Fortaleza: The City of Sunlight
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Sun, sea and good times

Fortaleza is the perfect destination to enjoy Brazil's outgoing beach culture. The city boasts around 25 kilometres of urban beaches. Praia de Iracema is located right next to the historic city centre. Savour an ice cold coconut or join the locals for a football match on the beach. For a more upscale experience, head to Praia de Meireles, east of Iracema. The beaches are connected by the extensive seaside boulevard Avenida Beira Mar, Fortaleza's lifeline. By late afternoon the boulevard comes alive as locals gather for a drink, a bite of queijo coalho (grilled cheese on a skewer) or a party on the beach. This is Brazil after all!

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Locals also flock to Praia do Futuro. The impressive waves make this beach a favourite among surfers.

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    The highlights of Fortaleza

    Fortaleza's city centre is a typically Brazilian chaotic bustle. Local residents buy their groceries in the maze of streets around the cathedral, as bar owners scrub the steps of their establishments. The city's cultural heart is the Centro Cultural Dragão do Mar, or Sea Dragon. The complex encompasses two museums, a theatre and cinema, a library and a planetarium. All of this is set against a decor of magnificent murals, futuristic walkways and colonial buildings that house restaurants, bars and patios. At night, the square around the cultural centre transforms into a fun nightlife destination. 

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    Within walking distance you will find two historic attractions: the impressive Catedral Metropolitana de Fortaleza and the magnificent Theatro José de Alencar. With its stained-glass windows, ornate Scottish wrought iron and decorated ceilings, the theatre is one of the loveliest historic buildings in town.

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    Continue your drive for another 80 kilometres to reach Aracati, a town full of Portuguese villas and hand-painted azulejos (tile tableaux).


    A maze of rocks

    Brazil offers breathtaking scenery so it would be a shame to limit your visit to the city. A 90 minute drive from Fortaleza takes you to the Morro Branco Beach. Visitors come here not only for the sand but also to see the Labirinto de Falésias: a maze of red cliffs sculpted and contoured by the weather and wind. A walk through these rock formations can feel like a visit to a Martian landscape: the contrast between the intense blue ocean and the vivid red rocks creates a surreal image.

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      Fortaleza is the perfect starting place to explore other parts of Brazil, including the Amazon and cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, with KLM partner GOL Airlines.

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