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Coronet Peak
Coronet Peak

Night skiing in New Zealand

Enchanting sunsets, après-ski by a crackling campfire and DJs that fill the beautifully illuminated slopes with vibrant tunes: Night Ski at New Zealand’s Coronet Peak is an experience to be remembered.

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Spectacular slopes at Coronet Peak

The Coronet Peak ski area is only twenty minutes from the city of Queenstown and one of New Zealand’s most spectacular skiing areas with the epic Night Ski. From June to September (wintertime in New Zealand), you can ski down perfectly illuminated slopes every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night.

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Coronet Peak

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Skiing under the stars

As the sun slowly disappears below the horizon and the orange and pink skies are replaced by twinkling stars, step into the ski-lift once more. Coronet Peak normally closes the lifts at 4 pm, but during Night Ski in the evenings, you can take a ride to the top until 9 pm. Once at the top, you can zip down an M1 slope that is beautifully illuminated.

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As you make your way down, be sure to look up every so often. The skies are often so clear here that you can see the Milky Way.

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Coronet Peak

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Coronet Peak

Pizza, bubbles and party beats

On Wednesday evenings, Champagne producer Veuve Clicquot gives Night Ski a dash of extra luxury. After zipping down the slopes under the stars, you can enjoy a glass of champagne with your pizza while listening to swinging DJ beats.

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Coronet Peak


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