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Last year we presented the 50 top destinations for 2017 in iFly 2017. After receiving a large number of votes we now present our 5 most voted destinations. But which hotspot is our number one destination? Vote and enter to win 2 tickets to the top destination of 2017.

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The top 5 destinations from iFly 2017

Dive with whale sharks, explore the Huacachina desert oasis, experience Christmas in New York or celebrate Día de Muertos in Mexico: iFly 2017 was packed with 50 inspiring travel destinations.

  • Top5 2017 03 Griekenland Nrummer Vijf


    Meteora, Greece

    The Meteora monasteries:

    Life between heaven and earth

    Serene, spiritual, magical, awe-inspiring, breathtaking. These are just a few of the adjectives used by visitors to describe the Meteora Monasteries. It was hardly a surprise to us that these magical monasteries scored this high in our top 50. Meteora means between heaven and earth. And that is exactly where these monasteries hover.  Constructed in the 14th century on top of a huge rock formation, the buildings provided monks with blissful isolation.  Six of the monasteries are open to the public, but get ready for a steep climb. 

    • Top5 2017 04 Finland Nummer Vier


      Finnish Lapland

      Celebrate nature in Finland

      Lapland always appeals to the imagination, but 2017 will be an even more special year. That is when Finland celebrates one hundred years of independence with four national Nature Days (one for each season). Finland is beautiful any time of year, but Lapland’s winter wonderland is truly spectacular. The four Nature Days will include a host of events around the country, including sultry summer evening picnics, snow shoeing tours in winter, and spring and autumn hikes in the forest. 

      • Top5 2017 05 Harry Potter Nummer Drie


        Harry Potter, Los Angeles

        Celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday in Hollywood

        This year it will be 20 years ago that we first met Harry Potter. The brand-new ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ at Universal Studios Hollywood is the perfect spot to raise a glass of butterbeer to the world’s favourite wizard! The park is a trip down memory lane for Potter fans. Fly by the Hut of Hagrid on the Ride of the Hippogryff or browse for the perfect wizard wand in Ollivander’s store. The most spectacular attraction is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, an action-packed dark ride. Even waiting in line is fun as the queue winds its way through a realistic replica of Hogwarts Castle. 

        • Top5 2017 06 Chili Patagonia Nummer Twee
          ARTURO MARTINEZ / 500PX


          Marble Cathedral, Patagonia

          See the world in blue

          Mother Nature has truly outdone herself with the Marble Cathedral in the Chilean part of Patagonia. Sunlight pours into the rock formation and reflects in the water, casting a dazzling blue colour on the 5,000 kilo piece of marble. The caves are located in Lake General Carrera, one of the largest fresh water lakes in South America. Reflections change each season as water levels vary throughout the year (caused by melting glaciers). 

          • Top5 2017 07 Kyoto Nummer Een
            IRIS VAN DEN BROEK


            Kyoto, Japan

            A Japanese fairytale

            Geishas, temples and tea ceremonies: Kyoto is quintessence Japan. Take a stroll back in time in the historic Gion district lined with machiya, the traditional wooden townhouses. At the end of the day, you may encounter some geishas on their way to work. The city is surrounded by dozens of temple complexes. All are quite lovely, but the most popular one is Kiyomizu-dera. The veranda of this gigantic temple provides a beautiful view of the city. Visit Kyoto in autumn to bask in the magical fall colours or plan your trip in spring to admire the picturesque cherry blossoms.


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