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Sustainable partying in the tropics


Zero-plastic policy, minimal environmental impact, mind-bending music and four days of dancing, yoga and great food: that is the Thai Wonderfruit Festival in a nutshell.

Join the party!

Sustainability and ethics are at the forefront of the four day long Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand. The festival is completely carbon neutral, which means it gives as much back to nature as it takes. Food is served on bio-degradable plates, and the stage is made of sustainable materials ingeniously built without any bolts or screws. Some artists even choose to get paid with the eco-crypto coin, TREE. Each coin represents a tree in the ecologically important mangrove forests of Myanmar. 75% of this habitat has already been deforested so for each drink sold, a new tree is planted in Myanmar.

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    Fabulous stages

    If you think that it's hard to build great things with sustainable materials, think again. Innovative artists from around the world designed the unique Wonderfruit stages. One of them is the Solar Stage, the heart of the festival. This innovative podium is there every year and was created for climbing, dancing and socialising. Also check out the multi-disciplinary Farm Stage, inspired by traditional Thai temple architecture.

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    In addition to amazing performances by headlining acts such as Wild Beasts, Yeasayer and Chronixx, Wonderfruit offers loads of other activities. The full programme is packed with daily yoga lessons and various workshops like how to make your own dreamcatcher. Meanwhile, top chefs will nourish the inner being. Numerous food stalls display a variety of delectable dishes ranging from noodles to sashimi. And of course everything is sustainably sourced and prepped. Wonderfruit will make sure you return home with a healthy glow.

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