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¡Viva Valencia!

What makes Valencia so special? Could it be the charming city centre with its fascinating architecture? The many sun-soaked beaches? Or perhaps the paella and other delicious Spanish delicacies? Probably all of the above. Watch the video and discover this brand new KLM destination for yourself.

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"You may never want to leave!"

Valencia is often overshadowed by Madrid and Barcelona, something that is completely undeserved. Set on the Orange Blossom Coast, this surprising city has a pleasant and mild climate all year round. Valencia offers a fascinating mix of ultra-modern and ancient architecture. Another eye-catching attraction is Turia Park, previously a dried-up river bed that has been transformed into a great biking, walking and skating area. And then there are those beaches of course. You may never want to leave!

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Explore Barrio del Carmen

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Relax on the beach

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Culinary Valencia


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