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Where nature and city meet

The Sultanate of Oman

Join Abdulaziz Al Rashdi to discover the rare beauty of the Sultanate of Oman. A country that combines green oases with a capital city that is free of conspicuous skyscrapers yet blessed with elegant pastel-coloured low-rise architecture. Oman is also a land of contradictions where traditional clothing, luxury cars and iPhones go hand in hand.

On the go with Abdulaziz Al Rashdi
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Abdulaziz Al Rashdi

23-year-old Abdulaziz Al Rashdi has lived in Muscat all his life. Over the past few years he has become active in the couch surfing scene in the Omani capital and has welcomed people from across the globe to his home. With unbridled enthusiasm, Abdulaziz shows his visitors the most stunning locations in Muscat and its surroundings. One of his favourites is the desert with its breathtaking starry skies and spectacular sunrises.


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