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Dutch heritage in New York

New Amsterdam

At the beginning of the 17th century, Dutch explorers bought the island of Manhattan from the Indians and founded the settlement of New Amsterdam. A quarter of a century later, the English conquered the town and renamed it New York in honour of the brother of King Charles II, James Duke of York. Historian Heleen Westerhuijs shares the lost Dutch heritage of the Big Apple.

On the go with Heleen Westerhuijs
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Heleen Westerhuijs

Heleen Westerhuijs, historian of architecture and board member of the D.U.T.C.H. Foundation, moved from Amsterdam to New York City in 2009. Together with Gaius Scheltema, she is currently writing Exploring Historic Dutch New York. This tour guide will help readers discover Dutch heritage in New York State, from the Herengracht canal and Wall Street in ‘Amsterdam in New Netherland’ – as downtown Manhattan was once known – to Breukelen (Brooklyn) and Beverwijck (Albany) in the Hudson Valley. From the heart of today’s hectic metropolis, Heleen writes about the magic of a lost Dutch past.


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