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The hidden beauty of Colombia

Bogotá & Cali

Colombia is back on the travel map. From March 2015, KLM will offer three flights a week to Colombia. A great excuse to explore the country’s two most interesting cities: Bogotá and Cali. We follow local Laura on a visit to the oldest neighbourhood in Bogotá and tour a cathedral in an old salt mine. In Cali we join local Jorge to visit the 26-metre-high statue of Cristo Rey and go out salsa dancing.

On the go with Laura Cahnspeyer & Jorge Quiroz
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Laura Cahnspeyera

Colombian Laura Cahnspeyer grew up in Bogotá and loves living in the capital. Hectic Bogotá boasts wonderful green parks and the surrounding mountains provide a vital peaceful refuge amidst a sea of colourful street art, busy restaurants and creative people. Laura spent years working in tourism, but eight years ago she traded in that industry for her own tea studio Taller de Té in Bogotá.

Little Secrets Bogota Cali 02 Profile Jorge

Jorge Quiroz

Student Jorge Quiroz (31) has been living in Cali for seven years. He is a big fan of the city’s many fine restaurants, its festive celebrations and friendly locals. According to Jorge, Cali is a city full of possibilities and very helpful people, which is also rather important. He says: "The only danger in visiting Cali is that you may not want to leave."


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