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Bilbao is the bustling heart of the Basque Country. Considered a dreary industrial city for many years, everything changed with the completion of the new Guggenheim Museum in 1997. The city has been enjoying a renaissance ever since and is finally discovering its own beauty. Picturesque shopping streets, haute cuisine and pristine nature combine to give this diamond in the rough its sparkle. Journalist Vanessa Sanchez takes you to the most beautiful locations in Bilbao. 

On the go with Vanessa Sanchez
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Vanessa Sánchez

Journalist Vanessa Sanchez grew up in the Basque country and works for the Basque public broadcasting corporation ETB, where she currently presents a morning television programme. Vanessa feels very connected to the Basque country: she loves its unspoiled nature, vibrant cities and generous people. She worked as a correspondent in Paris before moving to Bilbao, where Vanessa has lived for the past eight years.


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