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iFly KLM 360°

Round the world

Be in Hawaii in the blink of an eye? You can with the latest episode of the brand-new iFly KLM 360° experience. Look around, glide over volcanic islands, learn about the rich Hawaiian culture and dive into the ocean with Kiran Jethwa to swim with sharks.

Look around
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Go on a virtual trip with iFly KLM 360°

Salt on your lips, warm sunshine, tropical plants: watching our 360° video will make you feel like you are in Hawaii. iFly KLM 360° is a brand new platform that lets us take you on amazing adventures around the world.

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For everyone

No VR head set required

A VR head set will make this experience even richer, but you certainly don’t need it to enjoy our 360° experience. Just look around by clicking or moving your mouse inside the video or use your fingers on the touchpad or tablet. You can also use your smartphone to look around by moving your phone up, down, to the left or right.

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Episode 2

Travel to Hawaii with Kiran Jethwa and come face to face with sharks

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The host of the iFly KLM 360° experience is TV celebrity and food adventurer Kiran Jethwa. He is always looking for new experiences, unique people and rare ingredients because of his insatiable appetite for new exploits and extraordinary food. For iFly KLM 360° we asked Kiran about his bucket list. Number 2 on his list: diving with sharks in Hawaii! Curious? Open the iFly KLM 360° experience and join Kiran on his adventure.

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Behind the scenes

Film and hide

To let you participate in this unique experience we shot everything with a special 360° camera with 17 lenses. This allows you to see everything and follow Kiran on his journey around the island. You will never see the film crew! They made sure to stay very well hidden as they filmed.

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There is more!

Curious to see more of Kiran's 360 adventures? Don't miss episode 1 and travel with Kiran to Thailand in search of the most expensive coffee in the world. And keep an eye on your inbox to find out about upcoming episodes!


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