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Spend the night in a Swedish tree house, do yoga in an Indian eco village or relax in a futuristic pod in the Alps… We show you 5 eco accommodations that will inspire you to find inner peace and become one with Mother Earth.

Go green!
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Back to nature

Nothing is more relaxing than an eco-friendly holiday surrounded by green. Somewhere far from our busy lives and preferably sustainable. Green travel is gaining momentum. Many destinations feature hotels where clean energy, organic food and respect for nature are a way of life. Eco hotels often partner with the local population, which benefits both the environment and the economy. And of course, travellers reap the rewards as well. Ranging from mountainside designer hotels to jungle farms, these eco-friendly accommodations are nestled in some of the loveliest spots on our planet. 

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    Eco Stays 03 Peniche Main


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      Eco Stays 04 Peniche Bg
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      Peniche, Portugal

      Surf camp in a pine forest

      Just one hour outside of Lisbon you will find the Peniche peninsula. Its privileged setting on the Atlantic Ocean makes it a popular surf destination where waves can reach a height of 30 metres. A few kilometres inland surfers have set up a permanent surf camp. Eco-surf resort Bukubaki offers accommodations in a cosy tree house. Those who prefer something more down to earth can bunk in a luxurious Canadian tent.

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      Guests live in close harmony with nature: warm showers are powered by solar energy, facilities include compost toilets, and the permaculture vegetable garden supplies fresh produce and herbs. To become truly one with the elements, dive into the ocean with a surf course, or explore the best surf spots in Peniche.

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        Eco Stays 05 Indo Farm Stay Main

        Thung Don Farmstay, Chiang Mai, Thailand

        Thai farm in the jungle

        For a change from a luxury beach vacation on Phuket, try a back-to-nature stay at Chaiwat Pankaew's organic farm in northern Thailand. Fifteen years ago Pankaew settled in the middle of the jungle near Chiang Mai. He named his homestead Thung Dong and shares the land with buffalo, pigs, horses, geese, cats, dogs, and of course guests. Visitors can spend the night in a traditional wooden bungalow with a mountain view, or in a tent by the river.

        There is always lots to do on the farm. You can help feed the animals, relax with a yoga session or start working on that novel you always wanted to write. Head into the jungle to admire the beautiful waterfalls or visit the hot springs for an energizing soak. An added culinary benefit of a stay on the farm is the daily feast of Thai curries, salads, fruit and coconut water all freshly made with home-grown products.

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          Eco Stays 07 Swiss Eco Pods Main


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            Eco Stays 09 Swiss Eco Pods Bg
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            High-tech pods in the Alps

            It feels like a sci-fi movie set in the Swiss Alps. The Whitepod Eco-Luxury hotel consists of 15 luxury ‘pods’: high-tech tents with a rounded shape for extra energy efficiency. This comes in handy because in winter it gets pretty cold at 1,400 metres of elevation. Pellet stoves keep each pod delightfully warm and heat the cold mountain water to ensure a hot shower. E

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            To blend in with the majestic Swiss mountain landscape, the exterior colour of the pods is adapted to each season: white in winter and green in summer. It's tempting to spend the day cocooning in your cosy nook, but you would be missing out! The area boasts 25 kilometres of walking trails and red and blue ski runs. Daredevils can also rent a snowmobile or dog sled.

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                Eco Stays 10 India Main

                Govardhan Ecovillage, Galtare, India

                Finding Nirvana

                Eco Stays 11 India Bg

                The Govardhan Ecovillage is just a 2.5 hour drive from the metropolis of Mumbai. If you are searching for inner peace, you will have a good chance of finding it here. This tranquil oasis offers a mix of a spiritual ashram, organic farm and wellness centre. Guests can enjoy a silent retreat, participate in workshops on organic farming and – as expected – lots of yoga!

                The Govardhan Ecovillage is practically self-sufficient: food is produced on the surrounding land, water comes from the mountains and energy is generated by the sun and wind. If you want to lend a helping hand, you can start by hugging a cow. Namaste!

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                  Eco Stays 13 Sweden Main


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                    Eco Stays 14 Sweden Bg
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                    Urnatur, Ödeshög, Sweden

                    Swedish fairy-tale forest

                    You almost expect to encounter elves, trolls and gnomes in the Urnatur nature hotel, tucked away in the forest of Östergötland. This magical location lies in southern Sweden, only a 3-hour drive from Stockholm. A blend of hotel, eco-school and farm, the location offers nature lovers accommodations in wooden tree houses or in rustic, cosy cottages.

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                    Eco Stays 15 Sweden Bg

                    Spend the day foraging for mushrooms or herbs, enjoy long walks through the woods, swim in the lake or participate in workshops on herbal medicine or tree climbing. The use of electricity is kept to a minimum: at night, light a candle or lantern and curl up with your favourite fantasy novel.

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                      Eco Stays 16 Klm Takes Care Logo

                      Sustainable travel with KLM

                      Sustainable travel and flying: how do we reconcile the two? The airline industry is responsible for 2-3% of all man-made CO2 emissions: that is why KLM is taking action. KLM's daily flights from Los Angeles use a certain amount of sustainable biofuels. The airline is also partnering with TU Delft to design lighter, more fuel-efficient and quieter aircraft. The CO2ZERO programme enables a growing number of passengers to book a CO2-neutral flight. The proceeds are being invested in a reforestation project in Panama.

                      On board of its aircraft, KLM has also implemented numerous green practices: the use of organic eggs, sustainable coffee and tea, fair-trade chocolate and biodegradable baggage tags are only a few examples. Want to stay up to date on our latest news while travelling? Download the KLM Media App. Thanks to this app, KLM has reduced the amount of paper on board by 360,000 kilos. This translates into an enormous annual reduction of CO2 emissions. All these green initiatives have not gone unnoticed: AIR FRANCE and KLM are two of the most sustainable airlines in the world. 

                      Want to know more about KLM's sustainable initiatives? Check out the KLM Takes Care website and stay up to date.

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