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Sustainable travel and flying: how do we reconcile the two? The airline industry produces 2-3% of all manmade CO2 emissions and that is why KLM is taking responsibility for its share. Want to know more?

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KLM is one of the major players in the airline industry. And although we are very proud of this position, we are keenly aware that we also have an important social responsibility. Our company is truly committed to the cause of sustainability, which is evidenced by AIR FRANCE KLM’s high rankings in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index many years in a row.

We are always looking for ways to further reduce our impact on the environment. For example, KLM’s daily flights from Los Angeles are powered by a combination of sustainable bio-fuel and regular fuel. We are also working closely with the Technical University in Delft to build a plane for the future. Another initiative to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions is the development of a Climate Action Plan, which includes renewing the fleet, using lighter materials and optimising routes for more efficient flights, and using sustainable bio-fuel. Our 2020 goal is to reduce our CO2 emissions per passenger by 20% as compared to 2011.

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Each day brings us new insights that enable us to be even more sustainable

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Elke dag levert nieuwe inzichten op die ons in staat stelt om dingen nog beter te doen

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Bio-fuel pioneer

The large scale use of sustainable bio-fuel could result in 80% reduction in CO2 emissions, compared to fossil fuels. So it’s easy to see why KLM has made this its priority. Sustainable bio-fuel can be produced from various renewable resources, such as plant-based oils, agricultural waste and wood chips. Dedicated to the development of the bio-fuel market since 2011, KLM is also inspiring other companies to follow suit. Together with our partners, we are creating sustainable solutions to cut CO2 emissions.

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Be a hero, fly CO2ZERO

When booking your KLM ticket, you have the option of compensating for your personal CO2 emissions via CO2ZERO. Your contribution will be invested in a CO2-reduction programme. Since October 2017 KLM has been supporting a new project, a reforestation initiative in Panama, called Co2OL Tropical Mix. Across Central America tropical rain forests and other forests are disappearing at an alarming rate. These forests are of vital importance to our planet’s biodiversity and the livelihood of farmers in the surroundings countryside. The CO2OL Tropical Mix project contributes to the restoration of local ecosystems and the reforestation of the land. As of today, 3.5 million trees have been planted.

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On board with sustainability

KLM has also implemented numerous green practices on board its aircraft: we serve sustainable fish, sustainable coffee and tea, fair-trade chocolate, and the cabin crew use iPads instead of paper. These are only a few examples. Want to stay up to date on our latest news while travelling? Download the KLM Media App. Thanks to this app, KLM has reduced the amount of paper on board by 360,000 kilos. This translates into an enormous annual reduction of CO2 emissions. All these green initiatives have not gone unnoticed: AIR FRANCE and KLM are among the most sustainable airlines in the world.

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Ecological bag tags

KLM champions sustainability long before you even board our flights with our brand new baggage tags. Every time you check in bags, your suitcase is labelled with a tag. KLM has replaced its standard luggage tags with an environmentally friendly version. The new tags are made with much thinner paper, which significantly reduces paper use.


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