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A Scandinavian road trip

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Conquer the wilderness of southern Scandinavia. This almost 2,000-kilometre-long road trip takes you from culinary Copenhagen to the main port of Bergen in Norway. Take advantage of the long summer days and make your way down this road with plenty of time to explore.

Roadtrip Scandinavia 03 Kopenhagen A Colorhouses
Roadtrip Scandinavia 03 Kopenhagen A Colorhouses
Roadtrip Scandinavia 03 Kopenhagen B Map Chef

Copenhagen, Denmark

Delightful departure

The Danish capital is an ideal starting point for your road trip through Scandinavia. Explore historic Nyhavn with its 300-year-old harbour houses and divine restaurants, savour a delicious seafood lunch and experience first-hand why Copenhagen has become the centre of Nordic Cuisine.

Before hitting the road, make a stop at TorvehallerneKBH, the perfect spot to stock up on delicious goodies. This gourmet market sells the best fresh smørrebrød (rye bread), smoked sild (herring) and cinnamon rolls in Copenhagen. A bag full of these treats will certainly sweeten the drive to the Swedish lakes.

Roadtrip Scandinavia 03 Kopenhagen C Market
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Roadtrip Scandinavia 05 Vadstena A Lake
Roadtrip Scandinavia 05 Vadstena B Castle
Roadtrip Scandinavia 05 Vadstena C Fishing

Along 100,000 lakes

The Swedish lakes, Sweden

In Sweden you are never far from one of its 100,000 lakes. From Copenhagen to Stockholm, the lakes beckon drivers for one scenic pit-stop after another. Visit Vättern Lake, near the mediaeval village of Vadstena. St. Birgitta’s Abbey and the Castle of Gustav Vasa are perfect backdrops for a rural intermezzo. 

The lake near the village is teeming with salmon and trout. Cast your fishing rod rod or pick wild berries in the surrounding woods. Stockholm can wait as you fire up the barbecue to grill your freshly caught fish on the shore of the peaceful lake. 

Roadtrip Scandinavia 06 Vadstena Road

Stockholm, Zweden

A capital on 14 islands

As you enter Stockholm, you leave the forests and lakes behind: but not the water, as Sweden’s capital is spread across no less than 14 islands. Admire the squares and cinnamon-coloured merchant homes in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s historic city centre. Or take the bridge to SoFo – Sweden’s most creative neighbourhood packed with trendy boutiques and stylish galleries. 

Roadtrip Scandinavia 07 Stockholm B Color Houses
Roadtrip Scandinavia 07 Stockholm A Island
Roadtrip Scandinavia 07 Stockholm C Sigtuna
Konstantin Yolshin

For a peek into Sweden’s past, visit the Viking town Birka, situated on an island just outside Stockholm, and the wooden houses along the water of Sigtuna, which constitute Sweden’s oldest village.

Roadtrip Scandinavia 08 Oslo A Opera House

Oslo, Norway

Art along the waterfront

Oslo is not only the capital of Norway but also the focus of Scandinavian art and architecture. Along the waterfront stand the glacier-shaped opera house and the Astrup Fearnley Museet, displaying works by Norwegian masters. Upcoming artists exhibit their work in galleries around Frognerveien. 

Norwegians have been famous for their creative glassblowing skills for more than 250 years. Visit Hadeland near Oslo or the Nøstetangen Museet in Hokksund to watch the glassblowers in action – or try your hand at blowing your own glass. 

Roadtrip Scandinavia 08 Oslo C Opera House Interior
Roadtrip Scandinavia 08 Oslo D Glass
Roadtrip Scandinavia 09 Hardanger Bg
Roadtrip Scandinavia 10 Hardanger Waterfall

The national park boasts miles of hiking trails and bike routes. Should you run out of time to explore the forests and waterfalls, visit the Natursenter at the end of the route; the documentary provided will give you a close-up of all the scenery you may have missed.

Hardangervidda road, Norway

Among ice and reindeer

Just west of Oslo starts a panoramic route that takes you over the Hardanger Plateau. Drive through the Arctic landscape past enormous glaciers, such as Hardangerjøkulen. The region is home to a herd of some 10,000 reindeer, which makes an encounter with these animals practically unavoidable.

Roadtrip Scandinavia 10 Hardanger Moose
Roadtrip Scandinavia 11 Sognefjord Large

Sognefjord, Norway

King of the fjords

Sognefjord, king of Norway’s fjords, awaits you at the end of the plateau. Steep cliffs, waterfalls and intense blue lakes make this 124-mile-long fjord truly spectacular. Brave the winding roads, travel by ferry across the fjord or stretch your legs on the hiking trails. 

Be sure to follow the signs to Stegastein. Here you will have a magical view of a branch of the fjord, which has been designated a World Heritage Site. Drive a little further to visit the 12th-century wooden stave churches in Kaupanger and Urnes. These are well worth the winding drive.

Roadtrip Scandinavia 12 Sognefjord A View
Roadtrip Scandinavia 12 Sognefjord B Stegastein
Roadtrip Scandinavia 12 Sognefjord C Church
Roadtrip Scandinavia 13 Bergen A Cable Bus
Roadtrip Scandinavia 13 Bergen C Houses
Roadtrip Scandinavia 13 Bergen D Food

Bergen, Norway

The wooden harbour city

Conclude your road trip in Bergen. Norway’s most beautiful city really comes alive at the daily fish market in the harbour. Colourful wooden houses in Bryggen line the waterfront, exuding the city’s seventeenth-century wealth. 

The Fløibanen cable car will whisk you to the top of Fløyen, one of the seven mountains that surround Bergen. Enjoy one final encounter with delicious Nordic cuisine in the panorama restaurant. The sunset and beautiful city at your feet will offer a picture-perfect end to your wonderful road trip through Scandinavia. 

Roadtrip Scandinavia 14 Atlantic Road Large

Atlantic Road

For true road trip lovers

If you can't get enough of beautiful Scandinavia, why not extend your road trip northbound towards Trondheim where the fabulous Atlantic Road awaits. This route will take you past islands and lakes, treating travellers to some spectacular views.


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