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Europe’s best theme parks

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Something for everyone

Roller coasters, Ferris wheels, drop towers and water rides: there’s something for the whole family at these European amusement parks! What better way to recover from all the excitement than with a stay in a theme park hotel? We’ve listed four of Europe’s best theme parks – and accommodations – where the whole family can reconnect with their inner child. 

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Tivoli, Denmark

“The Mother of All Amusement Parks”

Tivoli first opened its monumental entrance gate in 1843. More than 150 years later, this world-famous amusement park in the heart of Copenhagen still entertains four million visitors a year. Even Walt Disney came here in person to look for inspiration amidst the dragon boats, merry-go-rounds, bumper cars, roller coasters and free-fall towers. 

When your head is spinning from all of the action, relax and recover in one of the 17 rooms of the Nimb Hotel, right in the middle of the gardens. This five-star hotel combines the look of a Moorish palace with 21st century comfort. 

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De Efteling, Netherlands

Where fairytales come true

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what's the prettiest theme park of them all? Illustrator Anton Pieck created the foundation of De Efteling in 1952: a forest full of fairytale characters. But Snow White and her cohorts were soon joined by roller coasters, a flying ship and talking waste bins. 

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Even the newest, most dazzling attractions still exude the ambiance created by Pieck – as does the Efteling Hotel, where you can spend the night in the magical suite of Sleeping Beauty and join gluttonous Big Mouth for breakfast.

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Legoland, Engeland

55.000.000 pieces

After its initial home-grown success in Billund, Danish toy empire Lego inaugurated its second park a stone’s throw from London. Legoland Windsor is a solid tribute to the world-famous toy pieces. Almost 55 million Lego bricks were used to build all the models. Luckily those used in the roller coasters and other attractions have been tightly glued together. 

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Still can’t get enough? After a day of fun in the park, the Lego Hotel offers more playtime. This complex boasts several thematic play areas and the colourful hotel rooms feature enough pieces to build yourself an additional nightstand.

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