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Elewana Resort Tanzania
Elewana Resort Tanzania

Luxury camping


If you like spending your holidays outdoors and in the heart of nature, but prefer not to wake up on an airbed or trudge to the WC holding toilet roll in your hand, you’ll be sure to love glamping! This latest trend combines glamour and camping by providing you with a real bed to sleep in, a bubble bath to soak in and a butler to serve your drinks. iFly Magazine has selected three luxury glamping destinations especially for you.

Go glamping!

Serengeti National Park

Spotting wildlife from your king-size bed

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Elewana Resort Tanzania

To enjoy the world’s most amazing wildlife show in luxurious surroundings, glamping in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is an absolute must. During the Great Migration, millions of animals, from zebras to elephants, travel through the area in search of water, and the Serengeti Migration Camp is on the route of this spectacular event.

The 20 trendy tents with hardwood floors, rain showers, luxury furniture and a king-size bed are the ideal place to return to after a day of wildlife spotting. 

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Elewana Resort Tanzania
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Elewana Resort Tanzania


A visit to the Serengeti National Park isn’t complete without capturing the Big Five (elephant, buffalo, lion, rhinoceros and cheetah) on camera. But first start your day in style with a delicious champagne breakfast in the wild. 

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Elewana Resort Tanzania
Glamping 03 Serengeti Ballonvaart

Balloon rides

See the Serengeti National Park from a new perspective. Take a balloon ride over the steppes and see the large herds of animals migrating below. 


Your personal chef and butler

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Pinnacle Camp Montana
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Pinnacle Camp Montana


The Blackfoot River has both a wild and a calmer side. Go canoeing to enjoy the scenery, while the more adventurous travellers among you will love the excitement of wild water rafting.

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Pinnacle Camp Montana

Glamping in Pinnacle Camp in the US state of Montana takes luxury to new heights. Situated on a cliff, the camp offers spectacular views over the Blackfoot River for a picture perfect stay.

The camp includes six lavish tents with a bubble bath and shower, a separate dining room and a fireplace. You even have a chef at your service and, upon request, your very own butler. If the great outdoors is your thing, a night at Pinnacle Camp beats even the world’s finest hotels. 

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Glamping 04 Montana 3
Pinnacle Camp Montana
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Horseback riding

Go horseback riding on the open plains, through the forests and along the wild rivers of Montana, relishing the purity of a mountain landscape where few people tread. 

Golden Triangle

Camping in Thailand, Burma and Laos

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Four Seasons Thailand

The Golden Triangle Four Seasons Tented Camp is situated at the point where Laos, Thailand and Burma come together. Its 15 glamorous tents offer a unique view over the river Ruak in Burma, the mountains of Laos or the jungle of Thailand. 

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Four Seasons Thailand
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Four Seasons Thailand

Each tent is designed as a large open space with a huge veranda. The handcrafted furniture takes you back to the days when 19th-century explorers discovered the jungles of this Asian region, although the luxury surpasses anything they could ever have dreamed of. 

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Four Seasons Thailand
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Four Seasons Thailand


After a long walk through the stunning jungle or a day of elephant riding, there’s nothing like than relaxing and recuperating with a real Thai massage at the Golden Triangle Spa.

Akha Hill tribe

Be sure to visit the Akha Hill tribe which is near the tented camp. Enter the spiritual gates and discover a tribe that migrated to the village Doi Sa-Ngo from Tibet over 100 years ago, bringing their colourful lifestyle with them. 

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Four Seasons Thailand
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Four Seasons Thailand


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