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When the cherry trees blossom, the residents of Tokyo and all other cities head to the parks to picnic. Sake glasses are raised to celebrate the cycle of life that these lovely flowering trees represent.

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There is no deep seated religious meaning to hanami. Its origins date back to the seventh century when aristocrats were inspired by the flowers and described them in countless poems. In these poems, the cherry blossoms symbolise the cycle of life: Beautiful, colourful and short. The annual celebration to commemorate the symbol has been upheld by the Japanese people to this day.


Famed for its magnificent museums all year round, the thousands of blossoming cherry trees in Uneo Park attract the largest crowds in springtime. Japanese travel from all around the country to their favourite spot to celebrate hanami (‘flower viewing’). Bring your own picnic blanket and bottle of sake, and join the festivities.

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No minute of the day is wasted during the two weeks that the cherry trees blossom. Evening hanami celebrations are called yozakura. At night the 800-plus cherry trees on both banks of the Meguro are decorated with lanterns to light up a fair that is well worth staying up for.

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If you want to enjoy the cherry trees every night, book a room in the luxurious Meguro Gajoen hotel on the Meguro River. The hotel includes a stunning garden with an exclusive Japanese restaurant. If you are lucky, you may be given a room with river views that will enable you to enjoy hanami every night before you go to sleep.

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Flower tasting

The Japanese find intense enjoyment in the eating of cherry blossoms. Taste the most amazing dishes and snacks filled with the so-called sakura during the Tokyo hanami season by visiting the parks or picking up a bento box with cherry blossom delicacies in the city. Even Starbucks serves a seasonal sakura coffee!

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