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Amsterdam Dance Event

The Amsterdam Dance Event is just around the corner and that means five days of the best electronic music performances. We spoke to three insiders for the best tips.

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    This year will be the 24th edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). From October 16 to 20, 2019 Amsterdam will once again become the capital of the electronic music industry. Around 400,000 dance lovers and music professionals from around the world flock to ADE, transforming Amsterdam into the premier destination to experience 5 days of non-stop electronic music. From the opening concert by the Metropool Orkest to the final beats on Monday morning in the Shelter: don't miss ADE 2019!

    A packed programme

    More than 2500 artists and 600 speakers at almost 200 locations throughout Amsterdam will fill a packed programme. A programme that never sleeps. In the daytime there are lectures, conferences and countless workshops. The topics are very diverse and range from sustainability at ADE Green to the history of one hundred years of electronic music. Evenings and nights are meant for dancing! The edgy NDSM terrain becomes the stage for the colourful Into the Woods Festival, especially famous for its artistic decors. Or how about dancing at Amsterdam Central Station or in a museum?

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    Alex Hes

    Amsterdam entrepreneur and co-founder of E&A Events, a fast growing company in the music industry.

    What does ADE mean to you?

    “I think the Amsterdam Dance Event is amazing. It is wonderful to see how many people come here from every corner of the globe. This week you see how important dance music is around the world. We not only enjoy meeting new people, attending cocktail parties and finding new inspiration at events, but this is also the perfect setting to make a statement and show everyone who we are.”

    What does ADE look like for you this year?

    “Like every year, it will be busy! During the day I have scheduled a lot of appointments and every night we are organising several events. And on Friday my partner Essam and I will participate in a panel at ADE University and we have scheduled a number of media interviews. Our biggest events that week are the Martin Garrix shows and TIKTAK, but we are also organising club events with Tiësto and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. So little sleep but lots of satisfaction.”

    Do you have a good tip for ADE visitors? What shouldn't they miss?

    “This year we have inaugurated a new club at the Leidseplein. I encourage visitors to come and check out Maïa and to combine that with Nova. Both clubs offer an outstanding line-up and look amazing. But if you are looking for a larger event, then head to the RAI on Friday or Saturday for a completely new show with the current number 1 DJ in the world, Martin Garrix. We are proud to be the annual producers of his show.”

    What is your favourite daytime spot to take a break in Amsterdam? And why?

    “During the day, I love grabbing a coffee on the patio of Locals Coffee in de Pijp. Here I can really unwind in between all my ADE appointments and events.”

    Carlos Valdes

    Dj and organiser of Is Burning.

    What does ADE mean to you?

    “For me Amsterdam Dance Event is all about seeing lots of friends and colleagues. In recent years I performed at a lot of events and with Is Burning - the party that I have organised for five years in a row now - I have also done a number of editions during ADE. Because of my DJ performances I can't go to too many parties, unless there is a unique act that I really don't want to miss.“

    What does ADE mean to you?

    “You can always find me behind the turntables and at the moment we are planning our programme for Is Burning. I will also take time to enjoy Amsterdam and see my friends who are coming, that's what it's all about. There is so much going on. I always really enjoy ADE.”

    Do you have a good tip for ADE visitors? What shouldn't they miss?

    “Plan your schedule early as many of the popular parties sell out fast. Read the whole programme. Look for acts and artists that you haven't heard before and do some research. The DJs you already follow you will probably see again. But ADE is the perfect opportunity to discover new artists. This is an unparalleled chance to see Amsterdam talents go head-to-head with talent from all around the world, within a short time span. I also recommend visiting locations that normally aren’t used as clubs. Amsterdam is blessed with amazing locations where we normally aren’t allowed to host events, but ADE is an exception.”

    What is your favourite daytime spot to catch your breath in Amsterdam?

    “I always love going for a walk through my neighbourhood of Jordaan centrum. I enjoy walking from the Lindengracht to Westerpark to start my day. I can take a break at Piet de Gruyter or grab a delicious fresh lunch at Small World Catering.”

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    Aukje Dekker

    Visual artist and co-founder of club SEXYLAND and Eddie the Eagle Museum.

    What does ADE mean to you?

    “I actually understand ADE much better since we founded SEXYLAND, because now we are on the other side and have become organisers. We can no longer just drop by somewhere, but we work hard for five days on this ‘party’ and what it all means, what the value is and in what context. The value is unmeasurable and goes much beyond simply dancing to music. This is a form of expression in which people can be truly free; exuberant, eccentric, sad, anything goes. ADE is the ultimate celebration of that value.”

    What does ADE mean to you?

    “For me it means five days of SEXYLAND of course!”

    Do you have a good tip for ADE visitors? What shouldn't they miss?

    “Well, I have to say SEXYLAND. At our venue, we interpret the concept 'party’ in the broadest sense. We range from Stand-up Comedy Karaoke to an international extravagant queer bomb with artists from the New York and LA ballroom scene, mixed with Club Church from Amsterdam. Theatre group Wildeman will also drop by with a techno-robot installation that even we haven't figured out yet. We are also doing an evening with Laser Club: all young artists from The Hague and Amsterdam with incredible musical talents. And Safe Grill is returning this year: the DJ Young Marco's BBQ event with an impressive line-up. In the last two years this event has become one of the most notorious ADE events, it almost scares me…”

    What is your favourite daytime spot to catch your breath in Amsterdam?

    “On the water. Especially when the sun shines and you see the sparkle on the water, it really calms me down. And makes me happy.”

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