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Stunning nature in British Columbia

Turquoise lakes, misty rainforest, vast beaches and steaming hot springs: Mother Nature really went the extra mile in British Columbia.

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British Columbia lies on Canada's west coast, wedged between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. With almost a million square kilometres of forest, lakes, waterfalls and beaches, this is true paradise for fans of the outdoors. The province's largest city Vancouver is the perfect starting place for exploring the region's natural treasures. We searched for some of the most beautiful spots.

  • British Columbia 04 Brandywine Falls
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    Brandywine Falls

    Thunderous roar

    Brandywine Falls is a famous landmark along the impressive Sea to Sky Highway near Whistler. From the parking lot it's only a ten minute walk to the viewpoint at the top of the falls. To experience the full force of the waterfall, take the time to walk to the foot of the falls. After a seventy metre drop the roaring water vanishes into a deep pool, shrouding the area in a fine mist.

    • British Columbia 05 Lynn Canyon
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      Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

      High above the wild water

      The narrow suspension bridge across Lynn Canyon is not recommended for those with a fear of heights. Suspended 50 metres above the ground, the bridge provides stunning views of the canyon, the river and the waterfall. Fun fact: admission to the bridge is free. In addition to the bridge, Lynn Canyon Park features one hundred year old trees, waterfalls and hidden swimming holes that are more than worth a visit in their own right.

      • British Columbia 06 Hot Springs
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        Hot Springs Cove

        Steaming hot springs

        Hot Springs Cove is tucked away deep in the waters of Clayoquot Sound. These remote hot springs that emerge from the rocks along the coast provide a soothing warm contrast to the cold Pacific Ocean. The hot springs are only accessible by floatplane or boat so getting their is half the fun. From Tofino, on the western edge of Vancouver Island, it takes about an hour and a half by boat to reach the area. The hot springs range in temperature with the hottest running around 50° Celsius, gradually cooling as you get closer to the ocean.

        • British Columbia 07 Capilano River

          Capilano River

          Nature in the heart of the city

          Nature is everywhere in British Columbia, even in a big city like Vancouver. The magnificent Capilano River flows right through North Vancouver and the Capilano River Region Park. Take a hike among the majestic Douglas firs and listen to the roar of the river in the background. It's hard to imagine that you are in the third largest city in Canada.

          • British Columbia 08 Pacific Rim
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            Pacific Rim National Park

            Forests and beaches

            In a region with so much natural beauty it becomes almost impossible to choose the 'most beautiful spot’, but Pacific Rim National Park is a strong contender. This part of British Columbia is truly breathtaking. A rugged rocky coastline, lush rainforest and deserted beaches define the landscape of this vast national park that stretches along the West coast of Vancouver Island. Observe the colourful sea life in the many tide pools and with luck you may even spot some black bears.

            • British Columbia 09 Joffre Lakes
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              Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

              Bright blue lakes

              Lakes so blue they almost look photoshopped: Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is blessed with three of these gems. The Lower Lake is only a five-minute walk from the parking lot. Reaching the Middle and Upper Joffre Lake requires a bit more stamina but a round-trip hike takes only around three hours.


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