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Travelling across America

A trip across the United Stated is adventurous, varied and amazingly beautiful. These handy tips make it a bit easier to plan your trip.

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Take your time

The United States is enormous and the distances between landmarks can also be huge. As tempting as it may be to try to see as much as possible, you should limit your trip to a specific region. Several days at one location gives you a more enjoyable experience than spending hours in the car every day to check off as many cities from your list as possible.

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    Play it by ear or make reservations?

    America is a fantastic country for driving, and Americans are used to long distances (a four-hour drive is just around the corner for them). The entire country is more or less tailored to travellers. If you enjoy a bit of adventure, you do not have to make any plans ahead of time. There are motels and hotels along all major roads where you can spend the night. But, when visiting the national parks, it is advisable to reserve your stay beforehand since hotels fill up quickly.

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    America the Beautiful Pass

    Most of the national parks in the United States charge an entry fee and this can add up quickly if you spend a few days in a park with several people. If you plan to visit several parks, it is worth buying an ‘America the Beautiful Pass’ at the entrance to the first park you visit. For eighty dollars, the pass gives you unlimited access to all national parks for a year - easy and cost-effective.

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    Green travel

    Want to keep your travel as sustainable and green as possible? Consider camping. America is the ultimate camping country and campgrounds can be found everywhere, often at fantastic locations in the heart of nature. Larger supermarket chains sell all kinds of camping gear and tents, and staying in nature without energy-intensive air conditioning, swimming pools and televisions reduces your ecological footprint. After your trip, you can donate your tent and camping gear to the Salvation Army or other charity at your final destination. This gives your equipment a second lease on life and makes life a little easier for those less fortunate.

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