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iFly KLM 360°

Round the world

Experience a hair-raising parachute jump, sail across the Waddenzee and pick fresh cockles from the sea bottom: in our latest 360° experience you will see a whole other side of the Netherlands.

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Walk on the bottom of the sea

The cool Northern wind, curious seals, world famous gourmet cuisine and the impressive art collection of the Rijksmuseum. Get ready for an intimate look. iFly KLM 360° is a brand new platform that takes you on incredible adventures all around the world.

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    The host of the iFly KLM 360° experience is TV celebrity and food adventurer Kiran Jethwa. He is always looking for new experiences, unique people and rare ingredients because of his insatiable appetite for new exploits and extraordinary food.

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    For iFly KLM 360° we asked Kiran about his bucket list. Number 3 on the list: walk across the bottom of the sea! Curious? Open the iFly KLM 360° experience and join Kiran on his adventure.

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    There is more!

    Curious to see more of Kiran's 360 adventures? Don't miss episode 1 and travel with Kiran to Thailand in search of the most expensive coffee in the world. Or learn to dive with the sharks in Hawaii in episode 2.

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    Episode 1

    Go to Thailand and discover the rarest coffee on earth

    Follow the route of the Black Ivory Coffee beans from crop to cup. And discover how the most expensive coffee in the world is made with the help of the national symbol of Thailand; the Asian Elephant.

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    Episode 2

    Discover the beauty of Hawaii on land, in the sea and in the air

    Explore the rich culture of Hawaii. Fly over jungle-clad volcanic mountain ranges and discover the unique bond between Hawaiians and the ocean.


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