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Big Ben  is made of ready-to-eat green beans and asparagus. Next to the famous clock is St. Paul’s Cathedral, comprised of watermelon and baby corn. The photos of Carl Warner will make your mouth water as he uses photogenic ingredients to build food landscapes such as this London skyline. “I like making people smile. My work is a little odd, funny and very recognisable.” 

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Big Picture Food Carl Warner 02 Profile

Carl Warner (1963) is a British photographer with a passion for landscapes and still lifes. He made his first foodscape in 1999 with a few Portobello mushrooms and a handful of rice. Nowadays his work is very popular in the marketing sector and has frequently been published, including in Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes and the children’s book A World of Food.

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    Wild West in steak

    Warner creates the decors on a large table with the help of a stylist and a model maker. This is also how the rib eye mountains, pickle cacti and tortilla wagon were made. “I have the photograph set up in stages when using various products - it can take as long as a couple of days. Afterwards we use the ingredients to cook with at home.” 

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      Delectable Tuscany

      Warner bought the pine nuts, garlic and peppers in this delectable Tuscan scenery at the Borough Market in London. “I need fresh products that keep their quality under the hot studio lights. Kale works very well; it continues to look like a lush shrub for hours. Fresh herbs are a disaster and have to be photographed within minutes.”

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      Edible pyramids

      Pyramids of Emmental cheese rise from a couscous desert, while a ravioli hot-air balloon drifts over a lemonade oasis. Warner gets his inspiration from beautiful landscapes, a restaurant dish or even a piece of eye-catching fruit at the market. “In colour, shape and structure, my ingredients are like a miniature version of the nature that surrounds us.” 

      Big Picture Food Carl Warner 05 Kaas Piramide


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