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The heart of Småland


A charming student town surrounded by idyllic lakes and medieval castles: Växjö offers its visitors the very best of southern Sweden. Travel with us to this brand-new KLM destination and discover Swedish haute cuisine, the world's first IKEA store and spectacular glass artwork. Welcome to Småland!

Discover Växjö
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Swedish icons

Växjö lies in the heart of Småland, a province famous for its unspoiled natural beauty and a cuisine that transforms everything local that's edible into mouthwatering masterpieces. It is also the birthplace of various Swedish icons, including children's book author Astrid Lindgren and the founder of furniture giant IKEA, and where the world-famous Swedish glassblowing art hails from.

Destination: Växjö, Sweden
KLM connection: daily, starting 14 May 2018
Population: 65,500
Location: Växjö is located in the southern province of Småland

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Coffee with a view

Although Växjö is a small city, there is a lot to discover - definitely an advantage as everything is close by! The famous 12th-century Växjö Cathedral lies within walking distance from the skate park in the city centre. And from the Storgatan shopping street it's just a short stroll to the botanical gardens in Linnéparken, the Småland Museum and the Swedish Glass Museum. Ready for a break? Do as the Swedes do and pick a cosy café for fika: a traditional Swedish coffee break with cinnamon rolls. A great place to go is Café Fontaine for a coffee with a view of Växjö Lake.

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Swedish haute cuisine

Not köttbullar with cranberries but Swedish caviar with pickled fennel: modern Swedish cuisine is all about creativity with local ingredients. Växjö is home to several fine-dining restaurants - this small town even boasts a Michelin star. And every year in September during the MAT festival, Växjö becomes a mecca for gourmands, attracting some 50,000 foodies who flock to the stalls packed with innovative, sustainable and organic delicacies.

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PM & Vänner

Photo: Alexander Hall

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    IKEA Museum © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2017
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    IKEA Museum © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2017
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    IKEA Museum © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2017
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    IKEA Museum © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2017
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The first IKEA

When you think of Sweden, you might picture Älmhult. This village is located around 60 kilometres south of Växjö and is all about the famous blue-and-yellow furniture giant. This is where in 1958 Ingvar Kamprad inaugurated the world's first IKEA store. Today the location houses the IKEA Museum, where you can put your knowledge about this worldwide furniture chain to the test.

Complete your IKEA experience with a night at the IKEA Hotel. Don't worry: the furniture is already assembled, all you need to do is choose your accessories.

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IKEA ® Hotell -
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IKEA Museum © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2017
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    Teleborgs Slott
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    Teleborgs Slott

    Fairytale castles

    The many countryside castles and lakes make Småland a very photogenic destination. Close to Växjö there are three castles right on the water. The elegant Teleborg Castle lies just south of the city centre, overlooking Trummen Lake. These fairytale premises were built in 1900 as a wedding gift from Count Fredrik Bonde af Björnö to his young fiancée Anna Koskull. Today, the castle houses a hotel, a restaurant and - very fittingly - a wedding venue.

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    Teleborgs Slott
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    The crystal kingdom

    The region to the southeast of Växjö is the heart of the Swedish glassblowing industry. This 'Glasriket' (Kingdom of Crystal) has been producing artisan glass since 1742. Today there are about 15 glassworks remaining where you can watch the artists create beautiful sculptures. You will also find lovely glassware in Växjö: the shopping street Sandgärdsgatan is decorated with sculptures made by 7 glass artists, and even the cathedral is adorned with a glass altar.


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    Instagram: @Glasriket
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      Tip 1

      Växjö Cathedral

      Wherever you are in the city centre, you can't miss the two church spires of Växjö Cathedral. Like most Swedish churches, this 12th-century cathedral has a white interior but is uniquely decorated with modern glass art. The glass altar is made by the artist Bertil Vallien.

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      Tip 2

      Kronoberg Castle

      The ruins of the medieval Kronoberg Castle on Lake Helgasjön are worth the 5K bike ride from Växjö. Especially once you replenish your energy with coffee and a serving of homemade waffles and jam on a patio at Ryttmästaregården.

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      Tip 3

      Småland Museum

      The Småland Museum is the oldest provincial museum in Sweden. Displays include silver treasures from the Viking era and the dazzling jewellery collection of famous opera singer Christina Nilsson. The same building also houses the Swedish Glass Museum with the largest glass collection in Europe. The collection ranges from medieval to 21st-century glass 


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