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Salt Lake City

Spectacular ski slopes, bizarre rock formations, dense mountain forests and shimmering salt plains, few cities in the world can beat the location of Salt Lake City. Join us in exploring this brand new KLM destination.

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Large but friendly

Salt Lake City is the largest city in the American state of Utah. Even with the modern high-rise buildings, ‘SLC’ still exudes the friendly atmosphere of the mountain village it once was. A group of very religious Mormons were the first to settle here in 1847, and today the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints still dominates the city.

Destination: Salt Lake City, USA
Population: 191,000
Location: 1100 km northeast of Los Angeles

A blossoming city

Temple Square is the proverbial heart of Salt Lake City. The most important landmarks of the Mormon Church are centred around this square. You can’t miss the enormous Salt Lake City Temple and the tabernacle with an organ that boasts 11,000 pipes.
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Although the Mormon faith still plays a prominent role in SLC, the city has been able to shed most of its ultra-conservative image during the last decade. The music and art scene is thriving and more liberal liquor laws are contributing to a blossoming nightlife.
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Fine powder

Although the city is worth a visit in its own right, Salt Lake City is also a popular winter sports destination. The surrounding mountains guarantee an annual supply of the deepest and finest powder snow. A 30 minute drive takes you to the slopes of Park City. This former silver mining town hosted the 2002 Olympic ski and snowboarding competitions. Together with the powder-clad runs of Deer Valley and The Canyons, SLC offers skiers and boarders 290 kilometres of winter fun, making it one of the largest ski destinations in the United States.

Mountain high and valley low

Even when the snow has gone, adventurous nature lovers will find plenty to do around Salt Lake City. Grab a canoe and paddle on Great Salt Lake or careen down the forested slopes of Wasatch Range by mountain bike; you can find just about every outdoor sport in the Salt Lake City area.

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A few hours by car – that’s practically around the corner by US standards – takes you to several world renowned national parks. Explore Bryce Canyon National Park and Arches National Park, famous for the unique rock pillars and snow arches carved out by the natural elements.

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    Beehive House

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    Salt Lake Temple

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    Antelope Island

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    Utah State Capitol


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