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Much more than the Colosseum and Vatican

Visit a different Rome

Rome offers so many attractions that most visitors don’t go beyond the Vatican and the Colosseum; but there is much more to this amazing city. Blogger Ivan Marra is glad to show you a very different Rome. Join him and discover the beautiful architecture of Coppedè, sample Italian food at the Eataly food hall and visit the Dorothy Circus Gallery to enter a wondrous world of art.

On the go with Ivan Marra
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Profile of Ivan Marra

Student and blogger Ivan Marra (25) has been living in Rome since 2009. When he moved from Milan to the Eternal City he knew for sure that Rome was where he wanted to be. Ivan is currently studying Art and Tourism at the University of Rome. In order to learn even more about Rome, he writes articles for the website Spotted by Locals about the hidden pearls of La Bella Roma.


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