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Visit a hot spring, relax on a tropical beach or head towards the Arctic circle by mail boat. In these four destinations romance rules.

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Travel Vibe #1

Taipei, Taiwan

Delightfully different Taipei is like a blend of traditional China, refined Japan and creative Taiwan. The most romantic city of the Far East requires at least a week’s stay. Experience a traditional tea ceremony, boost your health in a sulphur bath at a spa or seal your love by letting a lucky lantern loose into the Taiwanese night sky from an old mining village.

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20 thousand lucky lanterns in Pingxi

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Bathe at Beitou Spa

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Tea rituals at Wistaria

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Travel Vibe #2

Bergen, Norway

Bergen used to be the most important Hanze city in Northern Europe, and the medieval, slanted wooden warehouses in its old port are reminders of that era. The historic Bryggen district easily earned its spot on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Beautiful Bergen also offers many great ways to be romantic: take a rattling cable car to a mountain top, travel by train to the trendy capital or head towards the Arctic Circle by mail boat.

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The best view of Bergen

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Norway’s most spectacular train ride

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Mail boat to the Arctic circle

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Travel Vibe #3

Mahébourg, Mauritius

Luxury resorts on tropical pearly-white beaches, a stately Dutch fortress and French colonial towns, plus desert islands with hammocks and giant tortoises. Mauritius is a dream destination for people who like to combine lazing around with things to do. Here are three tips for a romantic holiday in this blissful place in the Indian Ocean.

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Sugar plantations and beach resorts

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Cuddling with giant tortoises

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Desert island

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Travel Vibe #4

Panama City, Panama

Say Panama and people think Panama Canal. This impressive waterway between the Atlantic and Pacific saves ocean steamers and cruisers a two-month detour and is the world’s most magnificent short-cut. On either side of the canal, however, is a little-discovered country that has a great deal to offer. Here are three romantic moments, Panama-style.

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World heritage in Panama City

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Concrete jungle

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An island a day


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