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Tropical coral island


Bon Bini na Boneiru! Welcome to Bonaire, a tropical coral island in the Caribbean. The island has a little over 16,000 residents, a relaxed atmosphere and unspoilt nature making it a miniature paradise. That’s why a visit to Bonaire is seldom the last.

Explore the island
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Reinhard Dirscherl

Diving paradise

Pristine underwater world

Coral island Bonaire is known around the world for its breathtaking underwater world, pristine coral reefs and colourful sea creatures. The spectacular environment below the sea starts directly off the coast, with over 50 diving locations that are accessible from the beach.

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Georgette Douwma
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As Bonaire is not in the hurricane region it offers agreeable temperatures all year round. The coral is also mostly intact. As the number plates say: Bonaire is a true ‘Diver’s Paradise’.

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Bonaire 04 License Plate
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The other side of the island is popular among kitesurfers and, increasingly, kiteboarders . The beaches of Atlantis and Pink Beach almost always offer a firm tropical wind that will toss you high into the air. If you are a newcomer to watersports, there are plenty of schools on the island ready to teach the basic skills.

On the water

The perfect location for wind and kitesurfers

Ask any windsurfer about the world’s top ten surf spots, and Bonaire is guaranteed to be on the list. Lac Bay on the southern end of the island is as large as six football fields. Because of its inland winds and knee-deep water, it’s the perfect location to windsurf or learn the sport.

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Photo and learning opportunities

Bonaire offers many different activities to teach you more about the island’s nature. In these so-called eco-adventures, guides share details about nature park preservation and the habitat of the animals. It all helps you discover more about the beauty of the island.

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Take a kayak trip through the mangrove forests to see the breeding ground of the ocean, or go on a bird-watching safari with your binoculars. You can also see the sea turtles that nest in Bonaire each year. Eco-adventures offer great photo and learning opportunities.

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Preserving nature

Bonaire and its love of nature

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‘We’re borrowing the island from our children’ is a well-known saying on Bonaire. The locals are extremely careful with nature. Divers, for instance, are used to preserve coral health.

As a tourist you can lend a hand. When you go diving, cycling, kayaking or on a bird safari, you will be asked to pay a Nature Fee. This small amount is used to help park rangers perform their duty, among other things, and helps keep the environment above and below the water in optimal condition. A win-win situation!

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